Mangagamer's Licensing Odds With This Title

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#1 by jiiviinovels
2018-05-15 at 08:06
Seeing as Mangagamer released a Licensing Survey for 2018 and that this interesting title appeared on there, I was curious on what the odds are on it actually being licensed and become translated and released by them.
#2 by encrypted12345
2018-05-15 at 16:21
VN negotiations aren't exactly fast, so it'll be a 2019 announcement at the very soonest. I heard rumors that Lune was interested, but you never really know.
#3 by eroyama
2018-05-15 at 17:51
Lune's official twitter actually commented when Mangagamer released their survey results. It's not exactly confirmed, but this look promising.
#4 by alexlung
2018-05-15 at 18:05
That's nice thanks for the link
#5 by kratoscar2008
2018-05-15 at 21:08
Chances looks pretty good. The OVAs were somewhat popular and MG translated a game entirely based on an OVA series popularity. Then there is the poll results and finally there is the game itself popularity (Just this year we got like 3 vanilla dark elf games, thats three more than what we got in nearly 2 decades and now ClockUp hired a notable artist for an impregnation fantasy harem game, which of course its because of Sukebe Elf if we take in account that circle offerings up to that game. Sukebe Elf was just so damm popular)
Now for the Lune side they recently launched a mobage of their own and in their blogpost they mentioning struggling in the current portable market and #3 twitter post is relevant since i remember Luneman always telling "Japan only product" when someone twitted him in english so their PR changed too. The main problem i see is wether they will get to a good deal to release their other games since they are more rapey in nature but MG has translated far more hardcore stuff so thats probably a non-issue. So i give it a good chance, Aku no Onna Kanbu is popular too i think so i can see MG wanting a partnership with them for Sukebe Elf, Aku no Onna and probably their Saimin series at least. There is hope.
#6 by jiiviinovels
2018-05-16 at 07:40
Thank you everyone for your clarifications on this matter.


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