Happy New Year!

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#1 by yorhel
2010-12-31 at 09:34
This message will be too late for some, and way too early for others. Blame that to the fact that the world is apparently *not* flat. Anyway, it's got to be said at some point, so here goes...

Happy New Year!

As a way to make up for my absense at our 3rd anniversary and not posting any awesome stats and graphs like the year before, I'll use this opportunity to do so:
- Database statistics
- Visitor stats: 2009 and 2010.

Have fun and keep reading, translating and cataloging visual novels in 2011!
#2 by gabezhul
2010-12-31 at 09:39
Happy New Year to everyone, and WOW! THIS is what I call dynamically advancing site. :P
#3 by mateka
2010-12-31 at 10:40
Happy New Year from me too!

Next year yorhel, avatars for the forum, make them happen please!
#4 by justinizhere
2010-12-31 at 11:14
i disagree with avatars, VNDB is fine as it is

anyhow happy new years
#5 by azd-a9s
2010-12-31 at 11:32
Happy Old Year and Happy New Year.
#6 by shrijanand
2010-12-31 at 11:43
Happy New Year to you as well. And everyone else on this site! ( Ps:- It's actually early at my place. The world isn't as flat as it seems =| , yorhel......*sigh*. xD)
#7 by dambuk1
2010-12-31 at 11:45
Happy New Year, lots of alcohol and no hangovers XD
#8 by PabloC
2010-12-31 at 13:23
lots of alcohol and no hangovers
Yeah! XD

Happy New Year! And let's make those graphs 2x higher next year. ^^
#9 by narcosis
2010-12-31 at 15:27
Happy New Year guys & gals! Carry on!
#10 by merefi
2010-12-31 at 16:45
happy new year :D
#11 by belgaesh
2010-12-31 at 17:30
Happy New Year folks!
#12 by pendelhaven
2010-12-31 at 17:38
is it just me or does everyone almost live on the same timeline when new year stroke? it's 1:30 here in my place...
#13 by emma123
2010-12-31 at 17:44
1:42am here. I completely forgot the date...

At any rate, it's a little late compared to the rest of the posts but... Happy New Year. :P
#14 by rintohsaka
2010-12-31 at 18:47
Are you sure this isn't supposed to say happy new years eve? :P

For me (EST), this was essentually posted at 4:30 am on December 31ft, and it's only 2pm now.Last modified on 2010-12-31 at 18:48
#15 by justinizhere
2010-12-31 at 20:22
@14 everyones time is different, somepeople are even in 2011 now. so we are in the past technically xDLast modified on 2010-12-31 at 20:22
#16 by minimoto
2010-12-31 at 20:35
Happy early new years over here but happy new years to whoever has new years right now!
#17 by 3db
2010-12-31 at 21:24
Happy New Year.

Good work Yorhel :)
#18 by mamoru
2010-12-31 at 21:24
Happy new year guys :)
#19 by kanon2501
2010-12-31 at 22:02
Happy New Year!!!!!! xD
#20 by hikigane
2010-12-31 at 22:57
#21 by exsul
2010-12-31 at 23:05
Happy New Year!
#22 by fujifruit
2010-12-31 at 23:22
#23 by saberger
2010-12-31 at 23:23
#24 by fujifruit
2010-12-31 at 23:31
Oh really?Last modified on 2010-12-31 at 23:31
#25 by saberger
2010-12-31 at 23:34
yeah, like hell!