the hentai scenes are unrelated to plot ?

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#1 by fhc
2018-05-17 at 01:07
sorry bad english, is hard to explain what I mean with english words.

begin to play it today, I am playing long 3 hours.

playing the game, after a "chapter" unlocks a hentai scene that we can access using the "JUMP" button, the hentai scene looks like a "rewrite" of something that happened without any sexual content, but, this time the same event happens again but this time erotic.

For instance, with Alice in Scene 06 the protagonist just kiss her, a very short kiss. in Hscene03 the protagonist touch her breast.

Same thing happens with Sumi. in the bathroom scene she just help to wash the back of the protagonist. but in the Hscene, she make a blowjob in him.

then looks like the hentai scenes NOT really happened in the plotline of the game, looks like just a bonus content not related to the game plotline. In the game itself the hentai scene never really happened, is like a "dream".

This is like this in the whole game ?

This makes me frustrated. I see several very hot hentai CG of this game around internet, even one scene where Alice and her mother makes sex with the protagonist ( a threesome ) I wanted to play the game and understand what event leads to such hentai scene, but, looks like this is just a "dream" scene that never happened in the game in reality.

Like also a scene that the protagonist inserted a child toy in ass hole of Sumi. For sure is just a "dream" scene, not related to the plot continuity of the game.

I am right or wrong about this subject ? Someone explain what is going on ? All LOSE games are like this too ? Maitetsu is like this too ? All Sex scenes totally unrelated to game plotline ?Last modified on 2018-05-17 at 01:14
#2 by dk382
2018-05-17 at 01:13
I do not know about all of the monobeno scenes, but Maitetsu has no h-scenes in its main story, they're all unlockable and optional.
#3 by fhc
2018-05-17 at 01:17
then in main story of both games NOT happens any sex, all sex scenes are just a "dream" that never really happened in the real game plotline ?

This makes me so sad... I not even feel like to keep playing it... A so large download... a waste of time...

Thank you very much,dk382. I will delete this game and I will looks fort other game to play. I hate to play games without sex scenes, and play a game like this with random sex scenes without plot is just useless, is better just see a random hentai anime or read a random hentai manga...Last modified on 2018-05-17 at 01:32
#4 by desann
2018-05-17 at 01:30
No, later there will be H-scenes that actually happen in-story and you read them without using Jump button. All of them are in the latter part of the story after you actually choose route.

Maitetsu is slightly different - even H-scenes that actually happen you need to read from Extra menu - there is just fade-out to black screen in story itself.Last modified on 2018-05-17 at 01:30
#5 by fhc
2018-05-17 at 01:34
Oh ! Thank you very much,desann ! I was about to delete the game. Then I will keep playing it them, and I will skip (avoid) all those random sex scenes without plot.

Thank you very much, desann , you saved my fun playing this game. Now I am full of motivation again to keep playing.

Just a last question, in Maitetsu is easy to identify which hentai scene really happens ?

I want to play Maitetsu after finish Monobeno, but, in both games I want to read ONLY the hentai scenes that really happens and skip all "dream" scenes.Last modified on 2018-05-17 at 01:41
#6 by desann
2018-05-17 at 12:03
I played only one route in Maitetsu, and there was no "dream" scenes. All of them really happens, but for some reason they all moved to Extra menu.
#7 by canpenbook
2018-05-17 at 14:28
thats so dumb
#8 by kiru
2018-05-17 at 15:52
Better than making a complete all ages game with lewds after lewds as a little epilogue.
This kind of thing happens quite a bit if a game is made with Steam already in mind.
#9 by 123xddd
2018-05-17 at 18:48
No other company seems to do this. At least that I have seen.
#10 by fhc
2018-05-17 at 20:13
Thank you very much for all answers.

Really, I not sure how explain with english words, but, this broken the "continuity" of the game with a sex scene out of the game... I really not liking it. I fell like playing a all ages game and then when I play one of those sex scenes out of main game, I feel like playing a doujin game based in the main game, even the protagonist personality changes, he looks so shy in the main game, then in the sex scene outside the main game he looks so bold and perverted...

I really not like it. This game is making me very much disappointed. Not sure If I will can keep playing it for so long... the common route is so long and boring too... I am glad that I downloaded it for free without spend money on it...Last modified on 2018-05-17 at 20:15
#11 by desann
2018-05-17 at 21:03
There will be some interesting things later (at least in Sumi route), but yes, it wasn't what I expected (for some reason I expected something like Zashiki Warashi Of Intellectual Village). But it was mainly more like some sort of village slice-of-life instead of story about youkais.
#12 by fhc
2018-05-18 at 00:05
I think this is a CHEAT. you see on internet a awesome sex scene, like the threesome of Alice, her mother and the protagonist. then you go and read the game synopses and see that the husband of the woman, father of the Alice is a great friend of the family of the protagonist, then you go, buy the game thinking: which kind of development should lead to such scene ? which kind of feeling the protagonist is now fucking the wife of the man that support his studies (University) and them you buy the game and notice that such hentai scene that lead you to buy the game ( and Monobeno is 2X more expensive than the majority of others getchu games) and them you notice that the scene that lead you buy the game NOT really exist in the game, is just a bonus scene totally unrelated to the plot of the game.

I quit. I gave up of this game. I will uninstall and delete all files. This game is a BIG LIE, you buy a game thinking that is a barely nukige full of hot sex scenes and notice that the game is almost like a all age game with very few sexual content and almost 90% of all sexual content are just bonus sex scenes without any plot. Just a random sex scenes.

who search for hentai in internet really think that it is a nukige game. have almost 50 different sex scenes in this game...Last modified on 2018-05-18 at 00:08
#13 by being
2018-05-18 at 02:34
muh plot in porn
#14 by canpenbook
2018-05-18 at 02:49
the cringe
#15 by tyr
2018-05-18 at 16:09
@12: literally the same reason I installed and uninstalled the game too, lol.


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