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#1 by dungzo
2018-05-18 at 02:50
Are you same person who translated Grisaia no Kaijutsu? Just curious.

No criticisms or anything. If anything I thought it was a pretty good translation. Especially in the beginning. The second half of the Common route, I noticed you weren't putting in as much effort but I doubt many people noticed.

The joke you translate in the Chapter, "Plastic_Pet".
"What's the dangerous sweet that's life-threatening to observe with the naked eye?" Mitarashi Dango is the original answer but the English translation you used was, "C-an-dy. See an ' die." was one of the jokes I was impressed with. Seeing as how that wasn't a typical joke you can translate without some actual thought put into it with the whole Mita to see and Shi to die.

One of my important things I look for in a translator is good writing skills and yours wasn't bad at all. Better than crude direct translation choices. The decision to keep some of the basic Japanese elements like honorifics was also an excellent choice.

Just wanted to shout out a thanks for the effort. If I'm wrong then forget I said anything. Your name is the same as the one listed on the credits and I figured that there was a chance that it might be the same person.


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