Insani still alive??

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#1 by eijikikumaru222
2010-12-31 at 11:00
< report >Is Insani still alive?? Do they still plan on translating VNs? Are they gonna plan for the next Altogether?? They said there will be an Altogether 2009, and now that its the end of 2010, it's still not in view! Sigh...
#2 by justinizhere
2010-12-31 at 11:15
< report >2 years of nothing is usually a sign of death in translation groups.
#3 by eijikikumaru222
2010-12-31 at 11:40
< report >sigh... hope not...
#4 by novelsfan
2011-01-03 at 13:34
< report >I think its dead -.-U it was a good translations group...
#5 by rhogi
2015-03-31 at 05:31
< report >This is the only conversation I could find about what happened to Insani. Not much info, but RIP Insani.
#6 by sanahtlig
2015-03-31 at 06:15
< report >
Oh the irony.Last modified on 2015-03-31 at 06:15
#7 by floating-twine
2020-11-08 at 14:11
< report >Someone is still paying the bills, evidently. The website is still up (as of the time of this comment) despite them not having any visible update in 12 years.

It's a good time capsule of good web design from the early 2000s - designed solely for desktops (looks like a hot mess on mobile), utilitarian design, loads quickly, light (in fact, none at all) usage of JS.

There's something nostalgic about it. And sad. Someday, the lights will go off. I wonder when that someday will be.Last modified on 2020-11-08 at 14:11
#8 by thereservoir
2020-11-08 at 15:30
< report >There's actually still a few names hanging out in their IRC channel although they shared that channel with No Name Losers so idk if the names are from Insani or NNL.


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