Did the translation die?

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#26 by wei321
2019-12-31 at 16:14
Nope it didn't die
#27 by surferdude
2019-12-31 at 17:08
Translations die when they are killed.
#28 by ecchihieronymus
2019-12-31 at 22:28
Took a minute to get that one #27.

Makes me want to use the quote: "What is dead may never die." which may also fit depending on how you look at the status of this TL :DLast modified on 2020-01-01 at 00:22
#29 by talentlessash
2020-01-25 at 01:48
Well it seems like the people working on it aren't dead. Fingers crossed for 2022.
#30 by demaar
2020-04-01 at 16:46
Whelp, it's out now... maybe.
#31 by beliar
2020-04-01 at 16:54
No "maybe", reddit confirmed it's real.
#32 by pillowgirl
2020-06-28 at 12:18
It's released on April 1 without warning, i'm no fool.


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