Does MLA ending suck or just me?

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#1 by lmceachern
2018-05-27 at 00:04
I really didn't like Muv Luv Alternative ending. Mainly because I feel Takeru Regressed as a character. It makes everyone's death in the alternative world seem pointless. Not to mention how cliche it was. So, in the end, Takeru has an even bigger harem and that's what everyone died and sacrificed for. Seems silly to me. And not realistic. I guess at the end where they were all chatting and having fun paralleled how awful the alternative world was so that was the only thing I liked. Also is it just me or does this Visual novel have horrible pacing? Most of the time it's really slow but then suddenly the pacing goes really fast. Especially when they all were attacking the hive. They skipped them going trying to go into the hive for some rushed music video. Boom now we're already deep in the hive. What happened to all those people who were fighting. Are we just going to skip that? I wanted to see what happened. It makes the climax feel rushed for me. But it wasn't all bad though. Captain Isumi's death was the best part of the series for me. and Haruka's death was very scary. Anway did any of you have any problems too? I would really love to see someone refute me arguments and change my opinion.Last modified on 2018-05-27 at 06:13
#2 by hybtranslation
2018-05-27 at 05:34
I can see where you are coming from. I also thought a little like you at first, but for me it was really just disappointment that I had finished MLA. Also, they did not have much of a choice with the ending. Takeru has always been a foreigner to that world, and going back to his own was always his ultimate goal. So the game really only had two options: let him go back, or not. And to be honest, MLA had so many rough moments that I really prefered the happy end. It's bittersweet enough as it is. ^^

Regarding the final hive invasion, I also thought that it kinda killed the mood after that awesome orbital drop. I think they just skipped the obvious part. Outside, Takeru&Co would just have killed a couple of henchmen, everyone knows that they won't fail without even knocking on the door, so the author just cut short the part that has everyone knowing how it will act out, and skipped right to where it gets tense.
However, I agree it is the one moment in the game that really kills the immersion. There may have been better ways to handle it.

Anyway, I like you mention that the worlds kinda parallel each other, just in opposite ways. I also think so. I would even go as far as saying that I enjoyed (re)reading MuvLuv Extra way more after having finished Alternative. I'm a total Muvluv Fanatic, though.

P.S.: You may want to read Altered Fable. It (kinda) continues where MLA ended, and is really fun on its own. It's more like Extra, though. On the other hand, if you want more of the serious stuff, Unlimited Chronicles and Schwarzesmarken should scratch that itch, and they're done very well. (2 parts of Chronicles have been translated.) I cannot recommend Total Eclipse, though.Last modified on 2018-05-27 at 05:38
#3 by evanescentblade
2018-05-27 at 07:22
Takeru returning to the Extra world was pretty much inevitable, but I didn't like how he forgot everything he experienced in the Alternative world... made the ending feel rather hollow, in my opinion. I mean, yeah, he teared up when he saw everyone again in the Extra world, but that was just a fleeting, subconscious trigger; it's not like he consciously remembered anything from Alternative. And then he'd just live out his school days being the same carefree, (retarded), happy-go-lucky guy he originally was, complete with a full harem. And that's quite unfortunate.

I agree with the above two posters about the last chapter being rushed. Not just for the final hive invasion though, but even for everything afterwards, too. The story just proceeded to kill off the main heroines (who were previously treated more like side characters, especially after the Valkyries were introduced), and only Meiya's death sequence had good emotional impact, imo... Takeru had an initially interesting interaction with the Superior, but then he soon proceeded to just blow it up along with Meiya, which felt anticlimactic. Like, I expected more from the Superior. Also, the reveal of the 10^37 (or something like that) number of BETA was totally unneccesary (unless Age plans to write a true sequel to Alternative), and left a somewhat sour aftertaste.

That being said, the entire journey of Alternative was still pretty awesome. The last chapter was just not so great.Last modified on 2018-05-27 at 07:31
#4 by hybtranslation
2018-05-27 at 09:16
Hm, I actually think Takeru forgetting about it left more of an impact. On me, at least. If he remembered everything, the ending would have been happier in a way, than with everything being forgotten. Also, it kinda kept the unsung hero vibe going, true to Izumi's Valkyries. Also, it opens up the possibility of a dramatical return of those memories. ^^

Actually, in Altered Fable there is a small part where Takeru kinda falls back into his MLA personality. Yes, it's not really serious and as far as I know, Altered Fable isn't regarded as canon by the creators, but it also shows that the events in the BETA-world have not been forgotten completely. Also, as you said, he tears up when he returns, and at least that is part of the canonical story line.

About the 10^37 worlds, that one actually left an impression on me, although in reality it was probably just a number they pulled out of their nose. However, if you consider that the Milky Way consists of about 10^11 or something suns, it means that those freakin BETA bastards have infested myriads of galaxies. (Actually, there's probably not enough galaxies in reality.) I don't even wanna consider how many of those other worlds had native life as well.

Anyway, I still hope that Age decide to do some really grand Muvluv game with Takeru and the rest one day. I'll probably just end up being disappointed, because topping MLA is close to impossible, but that is the one tale I would really like to continue to read. I think I have read pretty much anything that has Muvluv on its banner by now, and it's just never enough. :-/
#5 by lmceachern
2018-05-27 at 11:27
I really wish we could have known more of the BETA's perspective. When Takeru was talking with the Superior I thought we were gonna find out the BETA's perspective which would have made things more morally gray. Like human don't see other living beings as sentient beings so why should we? or the human's are destroying the planet earth so the Beta needs to wipe out humanity to save Earth. Or human's are going to be a threat to the Beta if humanity keeps evolving. Then before Takeru goes back to the Extra world Takeru thinks about the Beta's perspective and asks Yuuko if he was fighting on the good side all along. And Yuuko lies or tells him She's not sure. And that would be one of the regrets Takeru leaves in the Alternative world. It would also give hope to humanity because a flawed person like Takeru was able to understand the Beta's perspective. It would have been a more thought-provoking way to end the series in my opinion. I feel like Meiya butting in actually was worse for humanity than good. It just makes the Beta seem shallow and the conflict seem Black and White. I guess the author wanted for the readers to decide the Beta's perspective. Just my opinion.Last modified on 2018-05-27 at 11:55
#6 by pendelhaven
2018-05-27 at 12:30
I really didn't like Muv Luv Alternative ending. Mainly because I feel Takeru Regressed as a character. It makes everyone's death in the alternative world seem pointless.

it IS pointless. What I essentially picked up in this VN is that whether you're a donkan walking protag cunt or the literal incarnation of Gary Stu, it doesn't matter. people will adapt to any phenomena thrown at them, and this is the only life choice you can make until you grow old and die. The Illusion of Choice, if you will.

I'd even go as far as to use SpongeBob of all things as another example. he may be a retard but he's getting more 'fun' than both Squid and Krab combined.

let's say for the sake of argument that Takeru retains his memories when he went back to Extra. What does this exactly mean anyway? this is the same as soldier who went back to his hometown after fighting for war for years with no end. sure he'd be more "mature" but after some time of him assimilating to the "normal life", the maturity he received from the military will no longer be necessary and he'll go back to being a normie.
#7 by wakaranai
2018-05-27 at 17:15
another year, another thread with someone venting out their frustration with the ending. what is this? seventh? or eighth?
#8 by evanescentblade
2018-05-28 at 01:40
@4: I can see where you're coming from, but another problem is that Alternative Meiya specifically asked Takeru to remember that she existed. It was her final wish to the man she loved. And then what does Takeru go and do? He bloody forgets everything. And that's an insult to Meiya's memory.

If Takeru were given a choice to retain his Alternative memories or not, you can be damn sure he'd say yes. Otherwise, he loses all the experience, life lessons, and character growth he acquired. And he loses all his memories of those who fought alongside him and died. It's disrespectful, in my opinion.

And like I said before, the 10^37 BETA reveal is unnecessary unless Age actually plans to do something about this information in a sequel, which is highly unlikely.
#9 by ray314
2018-06-13 at 11:11
In Yoshimune's interview, he said he came up with an idea for a sequel to Alternative set 80 years after the ending: link
#10 by zetabnr32
2018-06-13 at 13:11
Using the manga's ending as a basis?
#11 by bestkatalyn
2018-06-22 at 23:14
Overall the novel was good, but it's obvious they've tried their hardest to make the ending as depressive as possible it order to rip more feels and depression from the readers, since it's more memorable like that...


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