Sub routes?

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#1 by canpenbook
2018-05-29 at 16:15
How do the sub-routes for Saeko and Azusa work in this? How long are they compared to the main 3?
#2 by bobjr2000
2018-05-29 at 19:44
they don't have routes in this game. Only the main 3 on cover plus a shorter route with step sister.
#3 by canpenbook
2018-05-29 at 22:18
How long is the step sister route?
#4 by bobjr2000
2018-05-30 at 00:55
I couldn't really say some one with better numbers could. but Vn 30-50. I would say 45 of it is dedicated with common route and 3 main heroines. So maybe a few hours dedicated to just sister.

She isn't really going to have much of a plot or story if I remember and is more going to be just her teasing protag.

The sequel will have full length routes for Saeko and Azusa. Personal Saeko was my favorite route of all heroines.
#5 by avaron1974
2018-10-15 at 18:56
Saeko's route is pretty short, it isn't really a route more of an ending. You make a couple of decisions and then it just ends.

It's not like the 3 main girls, it doesn't have an actual story to it.
#6 by bobjr2000
2018-10-16 at 01:23
??? Saeko doesn't have route on this its on fan disc. And her story is as long as other 4 on fd though right decisions on fd have almost no impact on story.
#7 by namiultedjapan
2018-10-16 at 11:44
#6 Are you sure you aren't mistaking Saeko for Yoiko?
#8 by bobjr2000
2018-10-17 at 05:55
u r correct. Some how I thought Saeko was her other name instead of Ryouko.
#9 by apalepexp201
2019-02-12 at 18:03
Azusa sub-route it's pretty interesting in my opinion, it doesn't have any H-scenes but it opens her route in fandisk and connect it, and Saeko's just her forcing and seducing Hiroshi, basically Hiroshi gets heart broken and he finds his refugee at his sister, or to be more direct ''in'' his sister, just a bunch of H-scenes with a sudden ending.Last modified on 2019-02-12 at 18:10


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