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#1 by italianlink
2018-05-29 at 16:24
< report >I love this game so much and I wish more people would play it. I wonder if it's not as popular as others because of how difficult some of the Japanese can be? I have to have a dictionary with me at all times when I play this one, otherwise I won't know what's going on half of the time. Especially during the religious ceremonies. Sometimes I don't even bother, especially for some of Munesada's chant things.

Anyway, I know the game isn't without its flaws. Some of the CG's are honestly appalling, particularly for Munesada's route, which is a total shame because he's my favorite of the bunch (so far), but I just feel like everything else that's so wonderful about this game makes up for it. I love the sprites and the backgrounds and I think the music is lovely. I love all the voice acting and I think every single character is just super precious and interesting. It really sucks that no one is really playing this game, it feels like they put so much effort and love into and it's hardly getting the attention it deserves. At least with the English crowd, anyway. It could be doing much better in Japan for all I know.

Anyway, I just wanted to vent about this. I've been trying to fill in the page with more information to hopefully pique more interest in the game. I don't know how to get get pictures of the raw sprites though, so Mana doesn't have a picture yet. If anyone reads this who knows how to do this, please share! The guide wasn't very helpful. I just want his picture to match the format of all the other characters' pictures so everything is uniform. If I figure out how to do it, I'll probably add as many other charas as I can, I'm just hesitant to keep adding charas without any pictures.

Also, please feel free to correct anything you see that I've added. I will not take offense, I want the page to be accurate and detailed. That's all. I was considering changing the game description to make it more cohesive and detailed, but I would first have to see if there's an official description that's a little more detailed than the current one. I don't know if I'll end up doing it or not, though.. I'm not sure if I want to erase someone else's work, you know? That could hurt their feelings. I don't know.

Anyway, I hope more people will be attracted to the game now. I played it on a whim, and I'm so, so happy I did. I've laughed and cried countless times and it's just been a totally amazing ride. I can't wait to finally complete it! I have one more character to go.

#2 by anonymous
2018-05-29 at 17:12
< report >>Very long

Can't imagine why this is unpopular!
#3 by aquahorse
2018-05-29 at 17:59
< report >Same as with Galtia and other yaoi novels unfortunately.
#4 by italianlink
2018-05-31 at 02:07
< report >All good points, and yeah I guess so. I'm definitely playing Galtia after this though, I heard it's a lot darker than this game despite being from the same company, so I definitely want to check it out.

For some reason I always assumed that a good amount of english-speaking BL fans would still be willing to play a game that's untranslated, but I guess that was kind of a silly assumption. I wouldn't think the length to be as big of an issue as language though, since Nitro+Chiral games are super long as well. Plus, all the H-schenes don't happen until the very end of each characters' route in those games. I mean, the H-scenes in this game start towards the end too, but you also get more of them than you do in Nitro+Chiral games. Also the voice acting is a little better, I think. If I'm remembering right. Nitro+Chiral's CGs are superior though, so that might be another factor. Like I said, some of the CGs in this one are pretty hard to look at. Most of the H-scene ones are decent though, thank god.

I wish someone would translate this game. I really want more people to play it. Part of me wants to translate it myself, but I think it'd just be a mess. My Japanese isn't quite at that level yet, so I'm sure there would be plenty of mistakes. I never realized how difficult it can be to translate Japanese. You have to like find the right balance between not being so literal that you come off as awkward and confusing, but also not being so liberal that you lose the original meaning/author's intent. I applaud those who can accomplish this, I was honestly struggling with just the damn character profiles. My translations probably sound super awkward, I was trying to stick as closely to the original as possible. It was a lot of fun, though. I can't wait to do it again :)Last modified on 2018-05-31 at 02:11
#5 by Orodalf
2022-02-10 at 04:08
< report >Quick thoughts
* Common route was really good; so very *cultured*
* Mune route was total blood-boiling trash; it sucks that it's the first route
* Shuu route was the best written of the LI routes (this coming from someone who didn't really like Shuu very much)
* Kyou route was the best for its ero CGs
* That CG right before the end on the last route was absolutely worth playing through this entire game for
* The CGs in general are plagued with technical issues

And many thanks for touching up this page, I'd never have been interested in the game if not for this page.Last modified on 2022-02-10 at 04:11
#6 by jinuzuki
2023-02-06 at 16:12
< report >I can echo the comment over mine, at least up to the part about Mune's route. Common route was insanely good, and I was enjoying even the route but the the plot swerve with with him him turning insane and raping the protagonist and the part after playing some weird horror movie where he kidnaps you was such an insane and out of place development for a vanilla romance and a game about friendship it perma-turned me off the game. Even the bad ending with the journalist in the common route didn't feel as crazy.

Honestly thought it was a bad ending at first, I'm surprised none of the reviews I read called it, usually there is a warning for these kinds of characters (though admittedly it was such an absurd change anyone who didn't finish the route wouldn't know, it's one of the most OOC stuff I ever seen) Though at least one JP review saying to not drop it otherwise you risk dropping the game after the fact lol.

Edit: After deciding to at least finish the route, yeah the last 10% of the route felt like a poorly rushed dramafest that doesn't even address a lot of stuff set-up by the route for some half-assed happy ending. I wonder if it was the last route they did hmm?

Setting and the characters are interesting, it would probably be well received in ENG since it seems like the other routes are at least better. Though I wouldn't be surprised to hear the game was rushed or plague with development problems, the CG in particular seem borderline grotesque at times and then you occasionally get some *very* good ones. Not sure why, sprites, OST and background where pretty good. Sadly I can't find many info about it even in JP, not exactly a hit game I think.Last modified on 2023-02-07 at 22:44
#7 by jinuzuki
2023-03-04 at 18:34
< report >Doing Kyou's route definitely improved my opinion of the game. Very fun, good pacing, decent amount of drama and lighter stuff, and the actual romance it's pretty good developed to the start to the end. Even the bad endings were an interesting take on "what if they don't fix he underling problems of their relationships"? I've seen some people recommending it as the last route to play, but I don't think it matters much.

I wonder if Munesada's route was rushed or what, I get what the author was going for with the whole "love you make you crazy" theme the route has going for , but it was such a swerve it ended up feeling OOC stuff more than anything (Which I guess it's sorta the point "Wow he's not acting like himself", but still...) to me and the ending refusal to address the plot point about Munesada's life span makes me think it definitely had some weird development issue. At least the character gets back to normal eventually but wew.

Looking forward doing Shuu's route later and finally Tsukasa. Common route still the better part of the game though.

Also I wonder what's up with the CG in this game. As @Orodalf said they are plagued with technical issues. I think they realized themselves it because they put all the good ones on the site to bait people lol. Everything else is pretty high quality, especially the sprites and the voice cast. I think this is the role that turned me into a Makoto Furukawa, his performance in this game is amazing and his low voice is nothing I've heard him doing before.

I wonder why it wasn't a hit with the JP audience.Last modified on 2023-03-06 at 22:58
#8 by italianlink
2023-03-07 at 03:42
< report >It's nice seeing some other perspectives! Have to say I'm surprised about the munesada stuff feeling out of nowhere for some people; it's been a while but i think i remember feeling pretty early on that things could or would go that direction if they weren't careful, and as a result not being very surprised by the bad ending. I felt like there were lots of events throughout the game that made it quite clear that he had a) huge control issues and b) a clear obsession with MC which of course culminated in c) extreme control issues specifically when it comes to MC. I thought it was especially significant that during their first really one-on-one meeting, the scene at the izakaya or whatever it was, he quickly decides that he knows what's best for MC--regardless of his wishes or desperate pleas--and rather heavy-handedly forces him into sitting through the spiritual..thingi lol. I felt like his unwillingness to even /consider/ hearing MC out was some of the earliest evidence of those extreme control issues and represented a pretty huge red flag. Him having lived as basically a god meant he never really learned to think of himself as being at the same level as others, and therefore as needing to confer and compromise with them as equals instead of bulldozing over their opinions to fulfill his own judgement/will.

In that and a lot of other instances it felt to me like he saw MC not as a fellow adult but almost as something like a beloved pet that he was extremely attached to and (unknowingly) emotionally dependent on. It felt like he cared about him, but ultimately didn't see him as capable of reasoning for himself like an adult (or maybe "like someone of mune's stature", of which there is no one but mune according to the island's religion lol) or of properly caring for himself, as mune felt (and wanted to believe) that everything pertaining to MC's health and well-being was his personal responsibility. Like a pet owner might feel that it doesn't matter how much they whine about it, their pet needs to receive shots in order to be healthy and avoid disease. And I think similarly, (in munesada's mind), MC's whining didn't matter; he needed to undergo those rituals because that was what would make him better (nevermind that mune's judgement was likely clouded by his own wants. he doesn't even consider getting second opinions or anything from anyone. but he likely has not been made to question the validity of his own judgements much at all, what with him basically being a god and all that). And of course he was also shown to be very overprotective too, which combined with obsession and control issues and MC being basically his only friend in the world besides that one girl I can't remember the name of at this moment... yeah.

Anyway, I guess it just seemed to me like all the conditions were there to result in the storm so I wasn't as thrown when it happened.. but maybe I just have a radar for these things, lol. But either way, I can definitely understand it not being some (or maybe even most) people's cup of tea. I certainly enjoyed his route though with the exception of the CG issues; it ended up remaining in my top two even after finishing right next to ma boy Kyou.

Sorry for horrible formatting, procrastinating on things I need to get done but now I really don't have time to keep messing around online anymore. Might try cleaning it up a bit at a later date if I find the time.

Oh and thanks everyone for continuing the conversation :)Last modified on 2023-03-07 at 03:42
#9 by jinuzuki
2023-03-09 at 16:24
< report >Oh yay someone to talk about this game (also your nick... are you Italian too lol?)

Regarding your post I never really got any noncon vibes from the Seto scene, particularly because Souta was already having at attack. We saw it with Tsukasa and Shuu before, once the reaction starts he can't control himself, and from the point of Munesada, who is more aware of the spiritual world and got asked by Souta's grandmother to take care of him, he's quite literally just performing a ritual to make him feel better. Of course the thing plays like sex lol but still. Thinking about the "consent" in those scenes is a bit weird to me, it's not quite sex even if plays like that and both Tsukasa and Shuu's scene have weird stuff, like Souta pretty much using Shuu's hand and Tsukasa commenting it felt like sex lol

They are embarrassing scenes but ultimately harmless for Souta.

In the same way about the rituals Munesada is largely in the right, because Souta is non functional as a person at that point and spends several days basically not even remembering his name. He does come off as obsessive (even if that at point is not clear to me if he's still into him romantically yet? Honestly I always got mixed signals haha, but in-story his obsessional and protectiveness make senses. I think Tsukasa also asked him to help iirc) Shuu does point using the Shrine will create a ruckus and mess with the island traditions, but I also felt like this is the route where the story the most goes "the island traditions are often a load of shit" and traditions shouldn't exist to make people's lives worse.

To be honest, the weirdest part of Kyou's route was how the heck did Munesada allow him to live with Kyou? Souta was basically half brain damaged for several days. Anyway...

I definitely agree there were some red flags, but that can be said about all characters (like Kyou's child-like attachment to Souta for example, which manifests in an extremely dark bad ending later), and I was fully expecting for them to appear in some bad endings. He does have a bit of a yandere vibe in some parts (like in some Shrine part lines) but they also happen in a context where he's forced to grow as the main character's caretaker otherwise Souta would literally kill himself. His anger issue seems mostly to stem from his trauma and past but his normal personality is about trying to do good for those he cares and "be a hero". In the dating scenes he's extremity good at respecting boundaries and asking for permission, even the first sex scene is more vanilla than Kyou's one in the way they were both super into each other lol and planned for it (Him asking straight up asking if they can do it one week in advance gave me a big lol). Or the scene where he forbids the main character to leave his mansion, he immediately corrects himself, apologizes with a Dogeza and lets him go, which shows sign of character development and self-awareness.

I feel like the author was really into the whole "Love makes you go crazy" thing, which I can see, but I feel like the whole episode was so sudden and removed? Like he goes to normal to crazy in 0.5 seconds, I feel like the moment needed some major introspection. Like maybe a scene from Munesada's pov with narration explaining what he thinks he's doing. It's basically written as an "Intentionally OOC moment" which everyone notes is "not acting like Munesada" but the switch is just too sudden. Like he almost murders Kyou and Souta even wonders if he'll be killed at one point... which is a lot. Even the sex scene is bizarre "I'll punish you for disobeying me", it just felt OOC compared to the first time they sleep together. Then you have the mistress bad ending which is just bananas. I guess the fact he puts himself on fire in a bad ending it means to show he's very much not mentally fine, but ??? The car scene has some hints that he knows Souta doesn't actually want to break up and he's in love with him (and Souta being receptive psychically at one point) but it's a bit too short.

Like I get the THEME, but I don't see it well applied in the character.

It does feel to me like the end game is a bit lacking in general compared to Kyou, like I would have liked to see for example a scene where Munesada apologizes to Shuu and Kyou or where they address the life span thing Natsuko and Shuu never finding out about the relationship was also disappointing (seriously, how didn't anyone suspect Munesada wasn't into women...?) Asakura is also ? At one point the narration was like "Munesada-san and Asakura talked but I don't know to this day what they talked about" which is very "I dunno how to untangle this" to me lol. Because the character are pretty much at odd with what they want.

It's easy to see why Souta would forgive him since it's not rape to love or anything and he was psychically and emotionally into him through the whole route and this dude spent like 60 hours saving the main character, but still.

The actual epilogue scenes with the mom, the final goodbye and Tokyo scene are very good, but a bit inconclusive. Is he going to move? Are they going to do a long distance thing? Does he still drop dead by 40-50?????

>I certainly enjoyed his route though with the exception of the CG issues

I think Kyou's route is better in term of execution (Like Kyou's dad is pretty great character in term of he's a moral fuck up but you can feel pity for him), Souta has a imo better grownth and I think the epilogue is more "round", but in term "emotionally investment" I'm probably more into Munesada because I liked the angle and theme for the route.

I did enjoy the route like up to 90%, tbh I'd still list him as my favorite love interest (I doubt Shuu will surpass him, maybe Tsukasa but I'm not into tragic endings and I'm 99% sure it ends like that) because him and Souta have very good natural chemistry and deredere relationship and in general I enjoy the whole "tragic love that overcomes obstacles and wins" angle, plus the childhood friend angle is very strong, with the route showing their first meeting, I just feel like the route could be.... better? Maybe more focus on them dating before he goes crazy and less focus on the other side couples (like Natsuko and Michio... I'm sorry but who gives a shit).

The dating segments between the two of them are absurdly good in the way they are both super into each other and casually about making out and stuff, even the 鳥の宮 scenes are super sweet in the way you can see how "they just works" personality wise and naturally jell into each other.

I also have no idea why he got the worst CGs. At least his voice actor is insanely good.

Tbh I remember reading that this game also has "zero non con, no one forces the mc to do anything" so it really caught me by surprise lol. At least it's more of a plot thing than random porn moment.

Looking forward doing Tsukasa and Shuu's routes when I have the time, I am very much into this game, I wish more people had played it to talk about it. <.< (also wow I wrote a lot... a bit excited to have someone to talk about this game haha)Last modified on 2023-03-09 at 19:55
#10 by jinuzuki
2023-03-18 at 00:20
< report >Doing Shuu's route now, wow this is very good!

Though tragically the plot left at this point is pretty paper thin in term of mystery, between the info Munesada and Kyou's route give you and the stuff you can figure if you pay attention (like it's obvious the 神隠し is not supernatural in nature since Shuu doesn't believe in it It's an ancient island but it seems the story mostly focused on the last 50 years or so. Well I guess at this point it's obvious a character drama with some supernatural background here and there.

It also feels like it's more what I wanted from Munesada's route in term of exploring the Oumi and the Watari stuff? The various interactions with all the cast in this route are a joy, it feels like it's making more use of the various cast members compared to his route where you are locked in the Shrine for a good part of it and Natsuko and Michio suck the joy of every scene. Even the twins and actually do something. As well actually... more stuff about Grandmother and Munesada's grandfather than Muensada's route itself?

Shuu's romance is also... not what I expected. In term of execution and how fast it proceeded LOL Almost too fast to be honest, it's been like 3 days in game? And Shuu felt like the most distant of the all. I do like the theme of mixing fear and excitement and looping back to their game as kids. And the beginning part where they more than friends but still not lovers has some pretty good vibes.

Hopefully it sticks to the landing, I'm at the penultimate choice and I'm fairly sure I'm not even 50% into the route.
#11 by jinuzuki
2023-03-22 at 18:37
< report >Yeah, having finished Shuu's route now I was definitely impressed.

It almost feels like he was a writer's favorite, in the way he gets the most extensive epilogue with a bunch of side characters and even other route characters appears even Munesada appears and gets a goodbye scene and you also get the feeling that Kyou's will do fine since Shuu will emotionally support him and Natsuko and Michio will do fine. As well Akasuka also getting a bunch of development. Even Oumi's stuff that should have been exclusive to Munesada's route get explored and much better handled in this route. I've seen some JP opinions that point out that it feels like the route is crossing into Munesada's stuff and that Munesada's route feels unsatisfying after this route and I got to agree.

Almost all the case ends up 90% better in this route, the only exception is Munesada who will remain obvious to love and will forever feel like an unwanted child. As well the ghosts character like Kyou's dad and Munesada's mother, but nothing one can do writing wise. Honestly toward the end I joked that I was also expecting Tsukasa to come back to live because because everyone was just getting better.

I fee like Shuu in particular is a type of tsundere you don't see much, he's perfectly capable of being dere and his tsun is almost self aware? He's not even my favorite character or anything but I was very impressed.

The only flaw I think is that pacing in this route is a bit odd, perhaps because Shuu has no major visible issue, with Kyou you had clear objects and with Munesada there was always the next thing to look forward. Also I guess it's weird they never talk much how they plan to handle the relationship given Shuu's family expect a heir, but I suppose it's less an issue with Shuu given he has a brother and he should have a normal life span. Oh as usual the game chicken out when it comes to other people finding out about the romance.

Honestly it feels like the route that most explored the island's themes about the inter-generation trauma and how it carried over to these kids and I was pleasantly surprised to see even evil grandma got some development. 宗春 (Munesada's grandfather) continues to be a puzzling character, I wonder if the last route will explain more. I feel ike the game sorta hints stuff between him and Hana were not what they seemed?Last modified on 2023-03-22 at 18:39


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