Kyonyuu Fantasy 3If Artemis/Medusa GD [Spolilers]

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#1 by araasre
2018-05-30 at 03:28
<This comment is only in regards to Medusa no Negai>
The Medusa half of the game is just absolutely worthless. There are zero things to look back on positively, none of the base game's world building. One of my favorite parts of the original is the world, and after finishing Medusa no Negai, the only thing I can remember is the at least 10+ scenes where she does literally nothing but pity herself and cry over Yurinas' lost memories. None of the characters are glad he survived, and just mourning parties over an alive character, and just make themselves just appear to be worthless assholes.

Medua was a side character in the main game, and after they've bumped her up to a main character they forgot to also characterize her befitting of her new role. Instead, many of her characteristics that she had as a side character return, and are amplified. She cries so very much, and that serves as the drama of this side story. The main conflict is also rather weak, Yurinas forgot who he is, and the game insinuates that someone needs to die for him to regain his memories, and near the end when Medusa gets suicidal it gets revealed that she understood everything wrong and that no one needs to die, he just needs to have sex with a virgin. I advise skipping Medusa no Negai. No story, no development, padded and repetitive dialogue from previous games,(quite literally a few hours of copy-pasted dialogue from KF3If) and if you're there for the sex scene, its like hours and hours deep in and there's only 3 of them that are short.Last modified on 2018-05-30 at 03:44
#2 by aquahorse
2018-05-30 at 06:18
Hmm, why did they make this novel then? Strange.
#3 by bookwormotaku
2018-05-30 at 06:38
Makes me wish we'd gotten another game in Lute or Ruin's storyline instead. Guess I'll just wait for the english localization.
#4 by aquahorse
2018-05-30 at 06:50
Agree. Me too.
#5 by lolsmasher
2018-06-04 at 12:59
You will obviously save people a lot of time by posting this, and while I certainly don't look forward to the Medusa part (not that I did prior to reading this, anyway), I will still play through it, just to see for myself.
#6 by araasre
2018-06-05 at 05:22
@lolsmasher I would like to know your opinion of it for sure, if you see this and you're done with it express your feelings towards it for sure.


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