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#1 by kidbuu25
2018-06-01 at 13:28
Is this game good? Can someone already played the game give me a short preview about it? Since this is the first tittle from new company I feel anxious about whether it is worth spending time on or not considering the good art.
#2 by fuukanou
2018-06-01 at 14:00
Why don't you just play the trial?
#3 by kidbuu25
2018-06-01 at 15:35
For me the trial doesn't mean much about the quality since it may start off slowly and boring but get interesting later on or the other way around.Last modified on 2018-06-01 at 15:36
#4 by infernoplex
2018-06-01 at 15:43
Fuwanovel review
#5 by kiru
2018-06-01 at 16:11
Other than the very highs (which are extremely rare) and lows (over 50%), these kind of games are way too taste based. And this is neither of those two easy categories, so you need to try it out yourself.
#6 by kidbuu25
2018-06-01 at 16:33
Thanks for you guys' opinions. After reading that review I decided I will try it after all.
#7 by veshurik
2019-03-10 at 21:09
Studyo Ryokucha staff under new brand, but... End of story. Now they are working for WillPlus


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