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#1 by Yorhel
2018-06-03 at 06:05
< report >So I've been looking at ways to lower the barrier to code contributions a bit (see t10746), and one of the identified improvements is a better development workflow. Github is a popular option for that, but I'm not fond of the centralisation of services that could easily be self-hosted. So I setup a Gitea instance instead.

The VNDB code is now at link

The issue tracker will be used for technical discussion on bugs and features. If you have an idea for a feature, but aren't yet sure about the (non-technical) specifics, I encourage you to discuss it on these forums before creating an issue.

(Registration on that Gitea instance is open to anyone, so if you're in need of git hosting, don't like Github, and somehow trust me, then feel free to host your own projects on that as well.)

EDIT: I should probably add a little disclaimer here. I may not be terribly fast to reply to issues or pull requests. Expect the same kind of activity as you've seen from me on these forums. Well, hopefully a bit more, but I do have a job and such to deal with. :(Last modified on 2018-06-03 at 06:16
#2 by pendelhaven
2018-06-03 at 06:14
< report >yorhel > everyone else
#3 by aquahorse
2018-06-03 at 07:01
< report >Great! I don't understand in codes but who does please wrire your suggestions there.
#4 by tw1sted
2018-06-03 at 07:11
< report >I just noticed there's a and I have to say I really don't like it. Will there be an option to continue using the current UI when it's released?Last modified on 2018-06-03 at 07:13
#5 by Yorhel
2018-06-03 at 07:13
< report >@tw1sted: Unlikely, but I'm open to suggestions to improve it. And yes, there'll be a dark mode.
#6 by aquahorse
2018-06-03 at 07:53
< report >What is Utawarerumono? How can I see it? And about current UI - where is it and what is it? Please explain it, I don't understand, unfortunately.Last modified on 2018-06-03 at 07:54
#7 by Yorhel
2018-06-03 at 08:34
< report >@aquahorse: That will become more clear in the future, when it becomes relevant. The issues (and this Gitea thing in its entirety) are intended for discussions about technical stuff, you don't have to understand it.

@tw1sted: To add to what I said, the entire v3 thing is currently very very alpha. Everything can change, and there will be further opportunities to provide feedback when things are a bit more fleshed out.
#8 by leery
2018-06-03 at 09:05
< report >Oh, I'm gonna start calling v3 Utawarerumono from now on.
#9 by narcosis
2018-06-03 at 11:25
< report >Wunderbar.
#10 by aquahorse
2018-06-03 at 14:00
< report >Ok, thanks)
#11 by hinoe
2018-06-03 at 17:10
< report >Requesting a change from to Actually, each version should run on its own subdomain, which should be the name of the VN with the corresponding vnid (so v1 =, v2 =, etc). :P

And guys, remember to use the (raw) (/raw) tags when writing v3. ;)Last modified on 2018-06-03 at 17:14
#12 by aquahorse
2018-06-03 at 18:50
< report >#11, how should I write it? Coudn't open it, error.
#13 by aquahorse
2018-06-05 at 09:58
< report >Do we need to send data we changed in visual novels and where?Last modified on 2018-06-05 at 09:58
#14 by sterben-zero
2018-06-05 at 11:28
< report >bad
#15 by radixone
2018-06-20 at 07:47
< report >#1 It's always nice to have more Github alternatives given how centralized it is and how they're now owned by MS.

One advice I do recommend is make a good intro? wiki page. It might even just be a how to use this as well. Most of the setup stuff can be moved into Wiki, as another entry, and the README could be the intro if you wanted to make the README a lot cleaner.
#16 by Yorhel
2018-06-20 at 11:17
< report >@15: What would you put in this intro? There is a d8, which kind of serves that purpose.
#17 by sidvanhalen
2018-06-26 at 13:55
< report >Hey Yorhel, just wanted to say you are awesome for doing this.
I don't know anything about coding though, but this is really cool of you.Last modified on 2018-06-26 at 13:55


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