Junketsu H-Code?

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#1 by loequality
2018-06-08 at 05:31
In order to read the english translation, LQT advises you to use a text hooker to capture the English text from the game and copy it to your clipboard. Programs like Chiitranslite can do this, and monitor your clipboard so you can then read the English script without the format issues currently affecting the English translation project. Other programs may work as well.

When you use a text hooker with Junketsu Megami-sama, it might need an H-Code in order to 'find' the text in the game. I am not sure of the right H-code (or codes) that Junketsu might need, but I found this in a text file on my computer from ages ago:

"The H-code is /HSN-C@41951B"

That MIGHT work, though it might be for a non-updated version of the game.
It might be for an updated version of the game (Lune released at least one patch for Junketsu after its release). Please try it and see if it works.

If anyone else has a code that they know will work with Junketsu (or a text hooker that they know will work) please post it in this thread?
#2 by kratoscar2008
2018-06-08 at 11:39
VNR didnt need a text hooker for me to work, neither did all the Lune games i played (Of which only the Aku no Onna Kanbu's use the same engine as Junektsu). Also didnt knew they released a patch, gonna have to get it if i can.


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