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#1 by helominemiz
2018-06-11 at 00:26
I've been getting notifications about you deleting releases I've added. Thank you for deleting them. sorry i'm dumb. I've added updates as releases with pretty much every single VN I've added that's had updates.

Can you please delete the following:

Thank you very muchLast modified on 2018-06-11 at 00:29
#2 by beliar
2018-06-11 at 15:01
Done. Just so you know, it's counterproductive to add every single minor update to the database. Only major updates deserve a proper release entry.

What to consider a major update: significantly expanded script with hours of additional gameplay, a new character route, added or removed censorship, complete art overhaul, the addition of voices and probably some other instances, which I can't think of out of the top of my head. Anyway, always take a long hard look at a new release and consider if it won't just uselessly clutter the database, though minor releases can be mentioned in the notes field of the main release.

Also, you don't need to include every single alpha or beta the game goes through. While the game is in production, simply update the same release with new information and finally mark it as final when the game is finished.



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