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#1 by lidinx
2018-06-13 at 02:51
< report >That's it.

Art: stylistic, unique, good

story: pretty damn good

BGM: alright.

Haven't played anything else by this group, might.

Quick edit: don't play as a woman. nothing changes, but the endings are weird because they don't change.Last modified on 2018-06-13 at 02:52
#2 by dk382
2018-06-13 at 03:49
< report >Going by the screenshots here, I find it amusing how they reuse the same closeups for penetration. How cheap are they? lol
#3 by lidinx
2018-06-13 at 04:06
< report >Pretty cheap. Cheap but didn't break the immersion it builds.
#4 by kratoscar2008
2018-06-13 at 04:43
< report >I liked it a lot. Obviously the gender choice restricts the CGs but it was hot enough, i liked both characters and they were pretty enjoyable. Got kinda dark every now and then (Gladly no NTR) but overall lighthearted.
I have only played Catch Canvas from them which this title puts to shame. As for the penetration closeups at least they are there, catch canvas only have the girl in a sexual position and that was it.
Its a very short and enjoyable read, look forward for a new game from them.
#5 by playcool92
2021-03-11 at 15:25
< report >I would say the endings for this short but enjoyable VN where better than what I expected, left me really pleased and definitly bumped the score a bit for me.

The art is really great here, story not so much, music is enjoyable with some tracks I really loved, simple yet beautiful.

Considering how much this game costs and the feeling you get upon finishing it, I would reccomend (the 18+ stuff was good too).

I first played a woman, with both the girls, they gave the male part a try, definitely better, also while Fuyu had some good stuff and a legit beautiful ending, the same could be said for Mirari, and I like her ending even more, the CG of their wedding was memorable.


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