how to get this game?

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#1 by adamkenway007
2018-06-13 at 12:06
is this game free to play i cant search ths game on playstore/googleplay
#2 by harp
2018-06-13 at 12:49
The releases are marked as commercial. So they're not free. link This should be the place you can get them.
#3 by adamkenway007
2018-06-14 at 14:23
this game was marked as japanese text and only android then,is possible play with ithvnr ??
#4 by harp
2018-06-14 at 20:45
Well, I'll leave that to someone else. It might be possible with some emulator or something like VNR for android. I've no idea, sorry. Technical stuff is quite far from my area of expertise after all.
#5 by alexlung
2018-06-14 at 21:20
you can use Nox player to play games on android on PC


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