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#1 by ebgames
2018-06-23 at 06:38
Hey, I'm new here and I thought posting here instead of the visual novel board would be more appropriate because this is a tech question and I'm not discussing the content of the visual novel in question.

I wanted to play "Piko to Chiko: Shota Idol no Oshigoto" (the Buko no Pico game) for my Youtube channel for shits and giggles, I never anticipated how long the shit would take. I decided to start by downloading the game. Something strange happened immediately. The installer was not in Japanese, but was in a non-existent language:


I decided to go through with the install anyway because, why not? The install did go through and I followed by immediately replacing the executable with the DRM free one supplied on the official website for the game. Everything went off without a hitch until I tried to actually play the game. The game tried to run, but couldn't and gave me an error. It also dumped a log, these are the lines where shit hit:

 16:35:18 文法エラーです(syntax error, unexpected T_SYMBOL, expecting ")") at line 4109
16:35:18 不正な文字です : '' at line 4109
16:35:18 文法エラーです(syntax error, unexpected T_SYMBOL, expecting ")") at mainwindow.tjs(4109)

16:35:19 スクリプトで例外が発生しました
文法エラーです(syntax error, unexpected T_SYMBOL, expecting ")")

I decided to try to change my system language to Japanese (this is before I knew the log was dumped). I let my computer make the switch (which took a lot of time for some odd reason) and when I got back on, I was treated to an error message that would soon become my best friend:


I don't speak a lick of Japanese so I let the picture feature of Goggle Translate on my phone do the trick, to my knowledge, it says, "It can be executed only in Japanese OS". I then looked around for a Japanese OS I can install to a virtualbox with no success. I then decided to slap Vista on a Virtual Box to see if there was a "Japanese" option while installing, there was not. I decided to go through with the install though because the version of Vista I had was 32-bit, my computer was 64-bit, it was worth a shot. I tried it, same weird chicken-scratch language, same error message. I tried changing the locale of the VM, to my immediate delight, the installer was in Japanese! I was immediately shot out of cloud nine by the same damn error message. What puzzled me was that, even if I went back to English on my computer and redownloaded to program (still in the glitch language), I couldn't get back to that spot I had before where the game tried to launch. I tried to change to locale of my regular computer and again, nothing.

It is now ~2:30 AM and I'm throwing in the towel. Do any of you know how to get the game running? Was the game trying to get itself to run just a fluke? Any and all info would be respected, I'm at the end of my rope here so no idea is too outlandish. Thanks guys.

Again, I'm new here so sorry for any toes I might have stepped on. I am also very tired so pardon any misspellings/bad grammar.Last modified on 2018-06-24 at 04:56
#2 by eacil
2018-06-23 at 07:23
The solution is obvious, it's a shame you are a freaking youteubé and a condescending casu to boot whose only goal is to shame delicious Pico-kun for some cents. Where is my glove so I shall slap your impudent face?
#3 by rusanon
2018-06-23 at 08:59
As it says, it wants Japanese version of Windows. For Win 10, you can install any version and then switch to Japanese in settings later. There are lots of guidelines on this matter.
Or you can try region check bypass cracks, like "rlse loader".
#4 by sakurakoi
2018-06-23 at 09:11
Well, never mind "that"...

usually the tools which the community uses when just setting locale/Non-Unicode setting is not enough, are NTLEA, AppLocale and Locale Emulator. The settings usually take into consideration whatever developers choose as mean to determine "Japan only" (timezone is afaik also one of the many possible criteria). The installer you saw is precisely what happens if you do not run it with such a tool. (tbh I actually do not know if that would also be if you had not set the Non-Unicode wrongly for I always had).

It is worth noting that one should also be wary and install the software with the correct settings lest something breaks (namely file names).

If in your case running through the installer with i.e Ntleac and running the software with the same prerequisite, all I can suggest is to modify the settings to be as Japanese as possible for I never used region check by pass cracks and do not trust any which use a trash anime as banner (well, even less than any other not-so-legit software, which i never trust anyway).
#5 by sterben-zero
2018-06-23 at 10:59
#6 by bobjr2000
2018-06-23 at 15:00
I think hongfire or similar site did have instructions on how to get game working I found awhile back. But it was a wall of text that was too much effort that I wasn't even sure if it would work at end of it.
#7 by ebgames
2018-06-24 at 03:59
Not sure if anybody is going to see this but quick update. I've noticed a bit of a "fix" for my first error. I have to change everything to Japan settings then reboot my computer. Before it comes back on, I have to disconnect my computer from the internet though, if I don't, I'll still get the error. After I get past that error, the game tries to run but I get another error about unicode. I've also tried region bypasses with no avail. bobjr2000, do you have a link to those instructions? I can't seem to find them.

Maybe when I have the time I'll try another Vista VM except this time do the "disconnect from internet" trick. It may have something to do with me having a 64 bit OS and the game being written for a 32 bit OS, but I'm not entirely sure.
#8 by ebgames
2018-06-24 at 04:01
PS, thank you all for your help thus far
#9 by xehanort
2018-10-10 at 19:19
So I actually purchased the game through dlsite yesterday, and after installing, I can play the game directly without any problems? My time and laptop zone was already changed to Japan/Japanese.
#10 by krykry
2018-10-10 at 20:51


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