Common route

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#1 by miuuzick
2018-06-23 at 21:50
< report >Does anyone else find the common route awfully long? I'm at the moment where they all leave for a school trip and it doesn't look like I'm reaching the end of it. I don't usually mind long common routes, heck I loved Grisaia's and I like this one but it is starting to get really *too* long and repetitive. Does anyone else share my opinion ?
#2 by lidinx
2018-07-26 at 07:40
< report >I'll agree that this common route was long af. Since Grisaia was mentioned, that's just long overall. Idk if "too long" is a thing though, because I see the common route as a means to flesh out the characters before their route.
#3 by matmic
2018-07-26 at 20:54
< report >Well the game in itself was pretty long, and in my opinion the long common route was justified, just by being humerous, and by making relations with all the characters.


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