Sprite is in deep, and will probably go bankrupt.

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#51 by sakurakoi
2019-02-13 at 13:59
#50, it is literary their first tweet since it is pinned
link unless with inadequate translation skills/tools one has misunderstood... along with how further tweets are actually not about selling the rest of their stock... or the replies which are all rather sad about some sort of closure, to summarize their context (if it turns out differently, I will believe in reading the context no more).
#52 by kratoscar2008
2019-02-13 at 18:43
Wow, they only made like 3 games and then folded? Talk about tough luck.
#53 by kiru
2019-02-13 at 18:52
^One might say, that's the reason.
#54 by fuukanou
2019-02-13 at 20:30
I was hoping this wouldn't happen. My heart goes out to those who worked at Sprite. They didn't deserve this, they were great charage producers.
#55 by essword
2019-02-13 at 22:22
That sucks. They created something really good that should have made them a lot of money.

They must have made some bad decisions somewhere. Could have been the anime tanking, the console ports, the gacha game, who knows.
#56 by dk382
2019-02-13 at 22:57
As far as anyone can tell, Aokana DID sell pretty well. It's possible they accrued too much debt in the four years it took to make it, followed by three years to make a fandisc. I have to wonder why those projects took so long. Did they have multiple false starts and scrapped ideas? Even if Aokana sold really well, it would've been very hard to make up for four years of dev time if the studio was active all that time.
#57 by krykry
2019-02-13 at 23:47
Or they overestimated sales of goods. They got a good product so it got to their head and they produced more goods than they could sell.
#58 by kiru
2019-02-14 at 09:33
@56: They didn't take 4 years. 2 years. After koichoco they made Ima Sugu Onii-chan ni Imouto da tte Iitai! , as a sister-brand focusing on all-ages.

That said, someone summed this up pretty nicely. Sprite wanted too much. Koichoco was popular. So it got an anime and another game in its setting with recurring characters, just all-ages. They basically wanted to stop making eroge here, thus the different brand as well. This flopped hard though. So they went back to making an eroge, but still also planned an anime, already before release of the game. Even though they were probably already in the red there.
Aokana was popular (the anime less I think), but then milking it forever did obviously not result into great things. The gacha attempt then was the last try of them to hit a gold-mine. Failed as well.

Reminds me a little of Minori, who also wanted too much after Ef. But they actually managed to pull through, although the current Minori is kinda.. sad.Last modified on 2019-02-14 at 09:38
#59 by namiultedjapan
2019-02-14 at 15:11
I hate it when companies try and move away from eroge especially after they have proven they are so good at it. I loved Koichoco a lot so to hear that they made something related to it was cool, until I found out it was all ages. I would have liked to see a sequel to it instead.
#60 by diabloryuzaki
2019-02-17 at 11:17
if sprite didn't make aokana in mobage, they can live more longer
if sprite didn't do aokana extra 1-4, they can release aokana zwei more easily
if sprite didn't port aokana to another version, maybe they will not have too much burden
must be to remember that aokana is good even it have anime adaptation in 12 episode. But they are too optimize, therefore they make aokana can playable in another port too much. it will be different if they have money like 5pb
if sprite can wait patiently like 3rdEye, they can release aokana zwei without have too much trouble. 3rdEye itself is not big developer and can't release their title every year like yuzusoft but they can wait patiently while they collect some money for their new title
but now this is the most important point, sprite and lass, which one of them that have bad bankrupt situation?
#61 by kadesu
2019-02-17 at 15:09
Sprite is never coming back anyway, there's no point in thinking about what-if scenarios.
everyone working there has clearly had their spirit broken already. They refused a crowd-funding campaign, and they refused selling their IPs as well.

You could probably mail them 10 million dollars and they'd still disband.
#62 by arkady18
2019-02-17 at 16:08
if sprite didn't port aokana to another version, maybe they will not have too much burden
Just for your information, but console ports exist because they are a way to make money while spending almost nothing, looking for new customers among a new user base.
tl;dr: Vita/PS4/NSW ports are effortless cash grab attempts. How could they be a mistake?
#63 by kiru
2019-02-17 at 18:03
Everything sprite wanted to do was low effort cash-grabs, which is why people believe, that they had troubles before aokana. Even though it was successful, it wasn't enough. Thus milking.
And that's the nice way. You can also be not very nice and say, the used the money they got badly and lazed around.

Which of these two is the truth, few know, and we may never get to know. Them refusing to continue probably means, there is a little more than just "money troubles" happening.
#64 by sakurakoi
2019-02-17 at 18:45
How could they be a mistake?
Of course they can be. It sure is not like they cost "almost nothing" but all works that cross a certain threshold should be able to make profit with a port unless those are very unlucky and of course, the more ports the less will each platform sell.

One can consider that the initial investment is also quite sizable. While first they did only port to PSP, they went as far as the Switch after also going for Vita and PS4, plus iOS and android. That sure is stretching thin.

Even if all assets are already and the order is already known, it is not like one can just convert even something as simple as a PC VN into a Vita/PS4/whatever with a single click. Anybody who might develop such a tool that at least fits popular engines like Kirikiri2 would demand a small fortune but alas... (I just looked at the file list for Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate) they use a custom engine (da duck is .cct? And why is the TLwiki is down which might list that stuff... anyway, there are costs.

Costs which they apparently underestimated somewhere, either by stretching to thin or doing something as stupid as financing an anime which are sponsored by many for a reason: They are damn expensive and one of the main merits is advertisement for the companies for which less than a million are peanuts, making sales of DVDs, Merchandise and selling it to TV stations something that is a bonus.

Just imagine that they sell DVDs for $92 and the anime costs $2kk to make (realistic values). Even if all of the $92 were to go to the committee, they had to sell ~22k units and how much did AOKANA sell? The first volume sold 1688 units according to a German source I found and there are 6 volumes, ~10k (if just everyone would buy all volumes) may at most be half of the price. One could argue that the other half, plus tax and cuts for stores was made with the sales of merch (plus additional VN sales) but who'd believe that?

tl;dr the anime tanked and they most likely took the brunt of it
#65 by diabloryuzaki
2019-02-18 at 05:45
@62 while the reason have been explained by @64, i will give more example again. Did you know that light the creator of dies irae have a little trouble when porting silverio series in psv? You can search in google if you didn't know it. And ofc sprite should give a portion of the selling money to the respective of port except pc because that is not free unless they are the developer of that port itself
#66 by arkady18
2019-02-18 at 10:44
Ok. But I doubt they actually spent on these ports more than they gained from them.
#67 by diabloryuzaki
2019-02-18 at 13:31
i think they spend too much on aokana as mobage. must to remember that developing and maintenance mobage that have gacha is not easy or cheap as long as you didn't limit service time. i think rewrite can be the example of limited mobage that only have a purpose to collect money in one year service time. just search rewrite ignis memoria, maybe you still find it in qoapp or twitter too


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