Win 7 No sound for Voice Actor

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#1 by testerjkljkgh
2018-06-29 at 08:35
Hello anyone has solved problem this game, i try this game on Windows XP SP3 it worked but windows 7 and the rest there are no voice.
#2 by siliana8t
2019-07-03 at 18:23
I have the same problem
#3 by perkins
2019-10-14 at 21:45
Even if you can run it this company has the same problem with every VN. You can't watch scenes, save more than once, skip or turn of BGM wish there was more English patch for Complet's only 2 so far. This was made for older OS so the RAW version have problems on newer OS, but if the Eng patch comes out it will probably work hope somone does it.Last modified on 2019-10-14 at 21:52


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