Official English release!

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#1 by kazis
2018-07-02 at 16:39
I'm sooo excited to hear that our beloved child of Nitro+CHiRAL will get an official release here, in western! What are your thoughts about these news?

I know we have already an English patch from Yaoi Forever Team and I'm grateful for their huge work, but sadly the translation wasn't full, and there was some misunderstanding due to "osu" and "mesu" thing... Anyway! Translation isn't an easy job, so we can only wish good luck to JAST BLUE (which is translating a novel right now).

I have just one small question... why JAST BLUE have decided to start with this BL visual novel? Don't get me wrong! We are just BLESSED with Nitro+CHiRAL novel finally published in English, I absolutely adore all of their games, and Sweet Pool is undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous and painful visual novels I've ever read (I still cry every time I hear "Forever" or "The Red Road"... т.т). But let's understand that this is THE FIRST appearance of Nitro+CHiRAL in the Western World. Many people who heard something about Nitro+ likely would take a look on this novel too. What will be their reaction? The Sweet Pool has the intriguing plot, a pot of feelings - once you played it you cannot forget it. Never. But it has a lot of err... sensitive topics too, I guess? Why wouldn't they start with DRAMAtical Murder? Ok, it has SOME ISSUES too (actually, a lot (and that's why I love it)), but seriously... Why Sweet Pool? Maybe fighting catboys from Lamento is a little bit better choice? Or even Togainu no Chi? It received a lot of good reviews, although it has violence and etc. (but, come on - it's CHiRAL! What else could we expect?).

So I'm veeery curious about your opinions, fellows! Are you excited about English release as well? What do you think about Sweet Pool being the first CHiRAL novel exposed to the Western world? Waiting for your thoughts! :3

P.s. I'm really sorry if I couldn't express my thoughts well enough, bc English isn't my native language, but I wanted to share my feelings with you guys anyway... т^тLast modified on 2018-07-02 at 16:50
#2 by [deleted]
2018-07-02 at 17:51
Sweet Pool was probably easier to license because it doesn't have a (complete & working) fan patch, so there's less risk that anyone who's interested in it would have pirated it already and therefore won't buy it.

Togainu no Chi and DRAMAtical Murder both have censored versions in Japanese already, so hopefully the possibility of gaining a new audience with an all-ages version on Steam would be enough to get those licensed in the future, as well.
#3 by kazis
2018-07-02 at 18:56
minah, I see, it makes sense o.o
It would be great, if they have published other Nitro+CHiRAL games in the future! But now I have huge hopes for the English release of Slow Damage too! Aah, just can't wait ><
#4 by [deleted]
2018-07-02 at 19:59
Last I checked, JAST has a semi-exclusive partnership with JAST; at the very least, for their eroge. In addition Chiral is extremely popular among yaoi fans and Sweet Pool is widely considered one of their best works. Lamento and Togainu no Chi, again, have halfway decent, if not perfect patches, and DMMd... certainly does exist.

Personally, I want some shotage. but I know those don't sell nearly as well. For more "yaoi" yaoi games, Shingakkou -Noli me tangere- would be nice.
#5 by maggierobot
2018-07-02 at 20:31
It's Sweet Pool 10th anniversary, so maybe N+Chiral wanted to boost its popularity a bit more ;p They must have a pretty good relationship with JAST, I mean, they are translating the remaster version that was just released (I know that it doesn't add many new things to the game, but they could have gone the lazy way and worked with the old version)

And if I ever see Shingakkou in english, done by a competent company ofc, I would buy 10 copies of it, even if I already read it, I'm not even joking.Last modified on 2018-07-02 at 20:32
#6 by kazis
2018-07-02 at 21:39
Recently just finished to play Shingakkou XD Should go to the topic and discuss a bit, because this game gave me tooo much feelings.
Still N+C are the best in BL visual novels for me.

As for Sweet Pool, I was just wondering, how people will react to it when it is released. Definitely already can see a bunch of new memes about certain things, and also people who uses it and laughs, even if they didn't read the novel (/_-) Maybe I'm too exaggerating things, but to me Sweet Pool is so precious and I am just a bit afraid of... don't know - how public opinion can sometimes make the story seemed worse than it is?
#7 by coldnobility
2018-07-03 at 05:46
I'm very excited for the release, I just hope we don't have to wait 10 year for it.
#8 by kazis
2018-07-03 at 14:39
#7 true enough x)Last modified on 2018-07-03 at 14:40
#9 by lomachello
2018-12-19 at 13:26
It was released today, great!!Last modified on 2018-12-19 at 13:27
#10 by sovapex
2019-03-08 at 22:19
I only read this because I love Nitroplus. Straight as an arrow. That being said, I got a mancrush on Kitani. Easily the best character in the VN for me, goddamn his arc was so good.
#11 by kazis
2019-04-09 at 22:25
I'm playing it right now, finally!! >< Can't even hold back tears... т-т Such a beautiful game, such a tragic story... I'm so grateful for the translation (and for the uncensoring too, heh).
Btw, it's not quite the right topic, but there's a lot of discussions about whether Tetsuo's and Youji's love was sincere or whether they were drawn to each other only by the instinct? I want to believe it was a true love. At first it could be the instinct, but then - they wouldn't care for each other so gently just because of some primal instinct. They wouldn't try to understand each other... At least, I think so т-т What is your opinion, guys?

Oh, and, #10, I may be wrong, but a good story has nothing to do with sexual preferences. If it's well-written, just let yourself enjoy it ;)

Forgot to say. I was so afraid of how people will react to this visual novel, and now I'm so endlessly glad to know that the majority loved it! I guess I'm too happy right now.Last modified on 2019-04-10 at 22:14
#12 by sovapex
2019-06-08 at 19:09
#11 Yeah, the story was very well written. Genuinely good horror. Did a better job than Saya No Uta at hiding its twists whilst revealing just enough to keep the plot moving. I found myself caring for pretty much every character involved. Kitani especially, though. Goddamn, his character was good.

I wouldn't have been concerned that people wouldn't like it, though. I mean, I'd have expected eyes to be drawn to it. The toilet scene alone is too out there for there not to be rumours and memes. But it wouldn't have gotten the Boku no Pico status. It's a genuinely good story.


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