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#1 by seita
2018-07-04 at 14:51
< report >I don't know japanese much, and usually relying on machine translators. I got the gist of the endings, but there are two endings that I don't get.

Why are Reon/Citron and Nao/Silence still have their original outfits? Was the corruption not that malevolent and they can switch them at will?

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#2 by hiwaba
2018-07-16 at 03:19
< report >Hello there!

I know it's been a while since you posted this but, I've just finished playing all the endings yesterday and I'm quite eager to discuss things. (though there really aren't much to discuss about)

First of all, the corruption in this game isn't malevolent in the first place, although the process is still brutish. Their concept of corruption is tainting the "Heart Gems" of the Heroines by exposing their worries and doubts, and by tainting it, they are, in a way, released from those issues.

For those two endings, I'll have to explain the situation that's happening there.

In Reon's Ending, Kazunori (the protagonist) and Reon were going on a date on that day, or so was what Clive (the maou who's possessing the protagonist) thought. On that day, Reon was asked to perform a stage performance of a Magical Girl defeating a bad guy(Clive) because the main actors weren't able to attend it. That's why she transformed into Citron, with Citron cooperating with Reon and reverted her costume to her original state. The reason is simple. Because most of the audience are kids. And so that explains why Citron is wearing her original outfit.

But the biggest reason is really because of how Citron's magic works. Her source of power/magic comes from the smile/happiness of people. This is also why she's doing a sort of Idol-ish thing in her zone. If she uses the seductive outfit of hers, that will bring out a different "smile". So it's stated in the end that she only wears the seductive one in front of Clive/Kazunori.

In Nao's Ending, Nao invited Kazunori to come together in a convention for doujinshis. Nao was really interested in doing cosplays but as shy as she is, she couldn't go alone. That's why Nao and Kazunori went there to do an "Original" Cosplay of Silence and Clive, although the truth is that they just transformed to Silence and Clive. Since her corrupted outfit is too erotic for the event, they (Silence, Clive, Nao, and Kazunori) decided to use her original outfit to which Silence happily cooperated with. In this ending, Kazunori is in control of his own body even though his appearance is of Clive's.

I'll also state here the endings for the other heroines, so proceed with ending spoilers in mind.

In Ayaka's Ending, Ayaka is shown to borrow Arnest/Ernest's (dunno how it's really spelled in English) body from time to time. She is interested in other worlds and wants to experience those worlds so Arnest happily lends her body to Ayaka. Clive also lets Kazunori use his power and together with Ayaka, they travel Arnest's world, all the while learning new dishes to cook. (though it's really possible they'll be going to other worlds in the future)

In Kokoro's Ending, Clive is shown holding a baby which is revealed to be his and Labyrinth's (the real body, not Kokoro's) daughter. In this ending, Clive is still inside Kazunori's body so it's also possible that the baby is also Kazunori's child though it's not further explained and Kazunori said that the baby has Clive's blood. Labryinth even said to Kazunori (Clive let Kazunori take control of his body because he's troubled by the baby crying and he just doesn't know how to take care of a baby) that it might not be a bad idea to raise it as Kazunori's daughter too, though he flatly rejected it as he prefers Kokoro's baby to which Labyrinth reacted in shock. Although Kazunori hinted that the Labyrinth in this scene might just be Kokoro transformed to Labyrinth, it also hinted that he could be wrong and that Labyrinth might really hold some feelings for Kazunori, the same way all the real world heroines are holding some feelings for Clive.

In Goddess Fein's Ending, Fein sometimes/most of the time possess Chihiro's body (the glasses sensei) to play some games and just laze around at Kazunori's place because, in the world of the gods, such entertainment doesn't exist. Chihiro is also stated to live exactly the same during times when she isn't working. And Kazunori is taking care of her so diligently, to the point he feeds her while Chihiro/Fein is playing some games. Clive is also shown to be more patient and laidback to Fein's childish tantrums, stating that it might be because of Kazunori's influence.

In Natsuki's Ending, THERE IS NONE! Rather it is Aquira's ending in her original world. This ending shows how she still keeps fighting demons to protect people even though she's no longer a servant to the goddess Fein. In this ending, it's implied that Clive is in the town where Aquira is currently staying and his presence might be causing the increase of demons in the town. So Aquira, stands before the demons and hacks demon into pieces with a REALLY happy smile on her face.
#3 by seita
2018-07-20 at 09:21
< report >I see, thanks for the answer. Now I understand better.


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