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#1 by pramit
2018-07-10 at 18:30
In this visual novel, you play as a stupid 22-30 year old guy called pramit. He almost gets tricked into a scam(you can't blame him - his world is entirely pink). Lucky for him though, he is actually a visual novel character. So he gets transported into a new mansion and assigned a "cute" maid called PoopyButt. When asked by PoopyButt if he has a job, he replies "No , I quit my job so i can play games and such."

At this point we learn that pramit does not know where he is. So basically, the entire ride to the mansion he failed to ask where they were taking him. I am ashamed of you pramit!

And then some maid in red clothes come in, and they fight and blablabla. Your worthless main character does absolutely nothing the entire game while the maid cleans the house, makes your food, and does everything a maid in her position would not do. Including training for a battle and flirting with you.

Anyway, so you can guess what the rest of the story is. I'll leave it to your overactive imagination.

Pros - 1) Maid

Cons - 1) Everything is pink. The text is pink. The background of the text box is pink. The walls are pink.

Anyway, its a very short game, took me about 10-20 minutes to finish. As such, its a nice break from a harsh reality.


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