MangaGamer announced Rance X

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#1 by regilkent
2018-07-11 at 04:33
Now surely I cant be the only one who is hyped about this
#2 by dk382
2018-07-11 at 06:12
You are not: t10904

Though there's also a lot of confusion. Like, this is going to take forever to release and we all already knew it was going to happen eventually anyway, so why even announce it? Especially before other games that come first in the recommended play order.Last modified on 2018-07-11 at 06:13
#3 by encrypted12345
2018-07-11 at 07:53
Yeah, playing X before the remakes is probably a bad idea. You could get away with just playing 03, but for the sake of 03, outright skipping 01 and 02 is a bit awkward. Playing the originals with their fan translation helps, but the problem is that the remakes change circumstances enough that you might be a bit confused when you meet the character again in X. None of the remake only characters are too important though.

Releasing every game relevant to X is impossible for MG because IV and KR are ancient games. Thankfully, both of these have a fan translation and are freeware.

That said, the remakes, IV, and KR aren't nearly as important to Rance X as Rance VI, Sengoku, Quest, and IX. While ignoring the remakes is suboptimal, it's not hugely damning to the experience of X.Last modified on 2018-07-11 at 07:54
#4 by kiru
2018-07-11 at 09:38
^That was never the problem. It's just, if you want to release the remakes eventually, you should do it before X. Because you play X after having played everything else of Rance you are interested in.

There's no need to play everything that is in SOME kinda way relevant to X, but you should play what you WANT to play before starting X. And if you don't WANT to play, say IX, that's fine as well, no matter how "important" it may or may not be for X. But if you want to eventually... well, like I said. X is last.
#5 by sakurakoi
2018-07-11 at 11:36
Let me just swiftly place my bet on that they will translate no more Rance after X~

if I win the bet, then, welp, I can have that utterly meaningless feeling of victory...
if I do not win, then, welp, I can call them out for their silly business method which wastes sales~
#6 by pendelhaven
2018-07-11 at 12:57
my bet would be they'd release both remakes and 10 at the same time.
#7 by encrypted12345
2018-07-11 at 15:53
@4 I don't fully agree that there's no value in playing Rance games after X, but I'm sure there's enough people that think so that it will affect sales. I personally think that there are enough hardcore Rancefags that it won't affect sales enough to make MG against releasing the remakes at all even if it means doing them after X.

@5 But 04...

@6 I personally think that they will announce 01 and 03 (maybe 02) at next year's Anime Expo or maybe next year's Otakon. That will be before Rance IX comes out even by optimistic expectations. 01 and 02 can be done relatively quickly though 03 being stalled until after X might happen. Unless negotiations are really fast (which they could be since they got X in the first place), I wouldn't expect it for this year's Otakon. If that did happen, it would be kind of funny, though people would complain about the Rance overload.Last modified on 2018-07-11 at 15:53
#8 by pendelhaven
2018-07-11 at 16:22
Rance overload.

there's no such thing as too much.
#9 by alin601
2018-07-11 at 18:35
guys no one said rance x will be avabile first
i think they just anounce for now but they will work first on remakeLast modified on 2018-07-11 at 18:51
#10 by dk382
2018-07-11 at 20:59
When asked at AX why they didn't pick up the remakes first, they seemed kinda confused, in a "why would we?" kinda way. Leads me to believe that the people calling the shots either don't realize that X builds on things present only in 01-03, or don't care. The loc team aren't idiots though so hopefully they can get through to management and convince them to do the remakes first.Last modified on 2018-07-11 at 20:59
#11 by jazz957
2019-02-09 at 03:53
So Rance 10 is already 24% TLed apparently. link
#12 by tristar
2019-07-28 at 07:38
So is the translating pushed back behind other projects or something?
#13 by fearthed
2019-08-15 at 10:19
Rance 9 has been fully translated for about a full year and so has Quest. Mangagamer just put them WAY lower on their importance totem pole. If these were still unoffical translations the full series up to this one would be already released.
#14 by eacil
2019-08-15 at 10:32
I am so tired of those rancefags who keep whining and whinging again and again and again. They got the entire series promised to them, they got three games in three years (four if I consider Evenicle), what is basically the average delay for any unprivileged game and the line beyond which you are allowed to bitch around, but no, they want to be pampered more than they already are, they want MG to lock all their monthly slots just for them and their rance shit. Boo hoo, poor you.
#15 by tristar
2019-08-19 at 22:10
I hope you are not talking about me eacil as i simply asked if the project was pushed behind other things as there was no update here for a while. FYI i think i did all the endings of part 1 like 7-8 months ago so i have all the time in the world to wait for translation i wouldnt cry even if it never was translated.
#16 by eacil
2019-08-19 at 23:27
There is a comment between you and me. It's ok to ask for info while I have no idea what makes you think that Rance 10 will be released anytime soon as it's quite clear (but who knows?) that Rance 8 and 9 will come first as they did 5+6 and 7.
Also, an advice: it's useless to follow those progress statuses as they are not meaningful as to give you any real estimate.


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