Are these Android VNs region locked?

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#1 by tomtheerogeman
2018-07-12 at 17:21
Has anyone here purchased any of these 18± android VNs from Gyutto? I want to buy one while some of them are on sale, and I'm not sure if I can read them on my gaijin phone set to Japanese language. Here they are (NSFW):

#2 by harp
2018-07-13 at 19:24
I figured I'd wait with replying, after all, I've never bought any VN from Gyutto. That aside, their support staff is super friendly and helpful, even in English. So I'd recommend shooting them an email. I believe it should work, and I certainly hope it will.
#3 by tomtheerogeman
2018-07-14 at 08:29
Their website encouraged me to read their FAQs before sending a support inquiry. I found something a little discouraging:
This says that all sales are final, so it's unlikely they'll allow me to return it if I explain the situation. I also doubt these download stores are even aware that some of their products aren't supposed to run on foreign devices, or will be able to check.

On the bright side I found out that an app called market helper can make apps think I'm using a different device from the one I have, so that might work. Took a while of Google searching for me to find something that isn't a VPN app, or a Google play crack. The worst case scenario is that I'll have to play the game on my PC using an emulator such as noxplayer 6; you can get it in Japanese. The sale price is nearly 2600 yen, which is already very low for a professional quality VN, so I might be willing to let it go if things don't work out as expected.

The sale ends August 20th, so there's lots of time for me to think about this before buying, and I might wait and see if anyone is able to test it.

BTW I want to buy Scramble Lovers. I almost wanted a GLace VN instead, but sadly it looked a little too hard for me to read without a dictionary.

Thanks for telling me about Gyutto's support; I didn't think they were that welcoming to foreign customers.
#4 by harp
2018-07-15 at 20:11
Ehehehe, sorry I couldn't help more. I do hope it'll end up working out for you, and whilst it may be impossible to refund after the purchase, there's no harm in just checking with them if they have any idea if it should.
Whatever you'll go with, I do hope you'll enjoy whichever title you end up with. However you may end up playing it, hehe.


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