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#1 by periah250
2018-07-18 at 13:51
So i just finished chaos;child and it was incredible and i wanted to play the game that came first (at least thematically). But as i see it there is a translation project for noah in the works and i was wondering if that was the definitive edition, should i wait for noah or not? Is chaos;head noah better than the original release? Should i play both?Last modified on 2018-07-18 at 13:56
#2 by ramaladni
2018-07-18 at 17:26
You should play C;H, Noah doesn't make the first game obsolete and there's people who prefer it.

You wouldn't lose anything by reading both either.
#3 by anonymous
2018-07-18 at 19:25
Noah's going to take a while, and Chaos;Head arguably has better pacing and overall structure; to the point where I actually prefer a number of the plot twists to their equivalents in Child.

I must note though that the translation for the original Head is kinda mediocre, and the Tips that you unlock at the end of the game are all untranslated. I would certainly recommend reading both Head and Noah, but be aware that you might like one before the other.

Now, I may as well warn you about this first; Chaos;Child spoils you rotten for Head. I think roughly 80% of the plot is either given away by characters directly referencing it or direct parallels within the plot. It's not something that should keep you from playing Head, but it is something to keep in mind.
#4 by periah250
2018-07-18 at 19:33
Alright well I'll play head and then Noah when it comes out. Now pertaining the tips and plot, The tips are completely pointless I read maybe 12 of them in chaos;child they really don't interest me and I understand the story just fine without reading them. Unfortunately I saw the Chaos;head anime....yea would have prefered learning from chaos;child instead but hey I figure I like child I might just like head as well.


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