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#1 by rekno2a5
2018-07-20 at 16:39
< report >Any guide for what should i do for the first week of the game? Is it better to focus at one girl or try to corupt them one by one?
#2 by sanahtlig
2018-07-21 at 00:21
< report >I don't think it matters so long as you're meeting the mission objectives stated at top. These are very easy to meet.

A primary goal (according to the tutorial) is increasing magical power (it's not entirely clear what effect this has). With each successive corruption stage the heroines become more resilient and their skills more powerful, so if you focus you'll start to hit a wall. You'll get a lot of extra magic power from winning battles, corruption % achieved, and filling a heart, so that's an argument for raising each heroine to the next tier before moving on for the low-hanging fruit.

However, there's diminishing returns to spreading corruption equally since skill point purchases apply only to a single heroine. Also, new skills are earned by facetanking a set number of skill attacks, so if you spread too thin it'll take longer to learn new skills. Conversely, the attack skills you learn from each heroine typically are ineffective against that heroine, and you usually can't fight the same heroine 2 days in a row anyway.

If you just want to burn through content as fast as possible, it's probably viable to focus 2 heroines of complementary attributes. Personally I spread corruption more or less evenly while giving preference to my 2 favored heroines. It's worth noting that not all heroines have the same number of hearts before being corrupted.Last modified on 2018-07-21 at 01:04
#3 by rekno2a5
2018-07-21 at 05:54
< report >Got it, thanks for the reply now i know that to do
#4 by hiwaba
2018-07-24 at 03:31
< report >I sure come in late. >_> Too bad... It might no longer be useful to the one who made the thread but I'll give my own set of guide for the first playthrough.

Before that, the main function of Magic Power is to increase the initial "ZONE CONTROL" you have before facing a heroine. To better farm this Magic Power, it's best if you never run in a battle as it takes away some bonuses. Another not so noticeable function of Magic Power is that it increases the damage of your attacks. As the enemies get stronger later on, it's barely noticeable.

Now let's move on to the tips for the first playthrough:

1. Complete the tasks as long as possible - To easily min/max for your second playthrough (all of your skills and some stats gets inherited in it) and also to get to interact with the heroines as much as possible, you should finish the tasks barely at the deadline. Which means the numbers at the top should reach 0. The deadline for the tasks is fixed, meaning even if you finish them as fast as you can, the time you're given for the next task doesn't change. The tasks are as follows:
1. Meet with all the heroines in 10 days
2. Corrupt 3 Heart Gems in 15 days
3. Completely Corrupt One Heroine in 30 days

4. Spread Your Zone/Defeat the Goddess Fein in 15 days

2. Focus on two heroines in the first 25 days! - In continuation of the previous tip, it's best to focus fighting two heroines. As the 2nd task is to corrupt 3 heart gems for different heroines, fighting more than 3 might ACCIDENTALLY complete the task at hand. BUT! Only corrupt 1 or 2 heart gems (really recommend doing only 1) for those heroines. As the person above said, corrupting their heart gems makes the heroines stronger, but it also increases their rest time after each battle. In my experience, a heroine with 3 tainted heart gems can rest up to 3 days, meaning they won't appear for the next 3 nights. So if you want to alternate between the two heroines, just corrupt 1 heart gem.

3. Don't Corrupt Them! Just Do The DEED! - This is also in continuation of the previous tip. To effective stall for time in the first 25 days, it's important to keep on fighting without permanently corrupting their heart gems. But simply running away gives you way less points (the one needed for unlocking skill deck slots) and magic power, so the only solution is to DO THE DEED without corrupting them. It is done by tainting the heart gem to 100% without using the special command in the Animus Bind stage.

4. Hmph! I Can Do It In TWO BATTLES!!! NOT! - When you end the battle like the previous tip has told you, the taint in the heroine's heart gem should return to 50%. Since it's still the initial stage of corruption, tainting their heart gems in Animus bind should be easy. As such, it's ideal to raise the 50% taint back to 100% in 1 battle. The easy way to do this is by increasing the taint to at least 80% in the first animus bind of the battle, as the heroines will start to consider fleeing when their heart gems are tainted by 30%, BUT THEY WILL NEVER RUN in their first DOWN. But be careful not to consecutively use Commands that require 30 Zone Control as the heroine will break free from it immediately.

5. NOT ENOUGH ZONE, You Baka! What? Acid Rain? - [アシド・レイン] or simply Acid Rain is probably the most useful skill in this game. Despite its somewhat lacking damage output, its cooldown is really fast and restores high amount of zone control (at least 7%). It also has low cast duration making it a really useful spamming skill.

6. NOT ENOUGH POINTS to build my Exo--- deck! - The acquisition of points, in the beginning, is really slow. It'll naturally grow better as you continue with the game but there is a good way to increase them! Points you get from battle can be increased in three ways, the times you knock down the heroine, through a certain passive skill, and by the number of skills you throw in a battle. I think the passive skill is something you get from Labyrinth (scythe girl), not really sure though. And so the easiest to do among them is easily the 3rd one. Equipping yourself with many Acid Rain will easily do the trick here. Also gearing up a few buff skills, ideally [フルブースト] or full boost learnt from Silence will be a good starting buff.

7. There are three icons in rest set but what are they?! - They are what we can call training in this game. Depending on how you set them up, the icon will be filled at the end of the day. Once an icon is filled up, you'll earn their corresponding rewards. The ORANGE muscle icon increases your max HP, the purple vial will earn you a random potion that can be used prior to the battle, and the blue bulb is for learning a powered-up version of a skill you already have.

8. Which should I prioritize among the three? - All of them are all equally important. It's up to you to decide which to choose from, but as you only have few skills at the start, it's pretty much important to focus a little more on that. You can also obtain blue bulb icons from Ayaka and Nao, but to do that, you should trigger their (?) And (!) Events first. If it's the GREEN STAR button then read the tip below concerning how to get character endings before selecting it. Earning training icons from the heroines also seems to increase their affection points, so kindly read below for more details.

9. I learned a powered-up skill but I don't understand JAPANESE AT ALL! - THEN LEARN THE LANGUAGE! Just kidding. First of all, the Powered-up skill has, as far as I know, 4 levels which are, +(yellow), ++(yellow), +(red), ++(red), in ascending order. In normal mode of your first playthrough, you'll probably only see +(yellow) until the end. As I didn't really pay much attention to learning skills before, I never saw a single ++(yellow) in it. Anyway, the attributes you should really pay attention with are the following:

For active skills(pink): キヤストゲージがNN%スタート - an attribute where the skill starts at NN%.
キヤストスピード - an attribute that increases your cast speed (not to mistake for cooldown), enabling you to steal turns from your opponent.

For passive skills(blue) : ゾーン支配力+ - an attribute that increases your zone control and (?)the rate you restore them from using a skill(?)

10. Corrupting them doesn't necessarily mean you get their ENDING! - As stated, Corrupting them isn't necessarily gonna lead you to their ending. To get their ending, you should earn affection points from them which is easily earned by doing their GREEN events. Of course, corrupting them unlocks more GREEN events for them. SO if you are gunning on a certain heroine, try to limit doing GREEN events on other heroines. And visiting them while they are busy (the time when their image has a training icon) also seems to increase affection points. Maybe that explains why I got Natsuki in my first playthrough (as I wanted to increase my HP during those times) even though I wanted Ayaka's Ending and how I got Kokoro's (To earn lots of potion for the next playthrough) Ending when I was gunning for Nao.

11. STOP RUNNING AWAY! STOP LOSING! - If you have read all of those walls of text, then I commend you, hero. (seriously) Then just like it says, don't run away from a battle and NEVER lose. (I don't know if there are things you'll earn from it though) If you really don't have to flee, then don't do it. Personally speaking, you'll only run like hell from Aquira or Arnest with 2 or 3 corrupted heart gem. Running away from a battle and losing a battle reduces (GREATLY if lost) the amount the TRAINING ICONS will fill by the end of the day. Most of all, losing a battle skips the events you will see in the morning. (Like the ones where you meet the heroines before going to school)

12. WAIT, THERE'S MORE?! - If you are wondering why you are missing so much CGs then it's probably because you were too focused in corrupting the heroine. The flow of CG is as Follows:
1. 3/4 Scenes from permanently corrupting the Heart Gem
2. Common Violation Scene With 1 Corrupted Heart Gem
3. Common Violation Scene With 2 Corrupted Heart Gem
4. Common(repeat) Violation Scene With 2 Corrupted Heart Gem
5. Special Violation Scene With 2 Corrupted Heart Gem (1 Corrupted Heart Gem For Labyrinth)
6. Violation Scene With A SPECIFIC Corrupted Heroine As A Support (requires at least 1 Corrupted Heart Gem)
7. Corruption Debut Scene
8. 1 Violation Scene On Corrupted Heroines (2 For Labyrinth and Silence)
9. 2 Lovey-Dovey Scenes In School (Available after completely corrupting a heroine)
10. Ending

Violation Scene can be seen by tainting their heart gem without using the special command.

Special Violation Scene can be seen by tainting their heart gem using another kind of special command which only appears when the heroine's heart gem is about 80~99% (Lower limit may be higher in some cases) and your zone control is about 90%. To easily do this you can taint their heart gems to at least 90%, and either flee or fight until she flees. And perform the new special command that will appear in the next battle.

For the Specific Corrupted Heroines to bring in batte:
Corrupted Arnest against Aquira
Corrupted Aquira against Citron
Corrupted Citron against Silence
Corrupted Silence against Labyrinth
Corrupted Labyrinth against Arnest

As For My Personal Opinion In Fighting The Heroines:

1. Try to avoid Aquira as much as possible - For the first playthrough, it is unwise to focus too much on Aquira. Out of the 5 heroines, she might be the "slowest", but also the hardest hitting one. With an abundant number of offensive skills in her deck, she can easily beat you down after DOWN 1. The offensive skill she'll give you is also useful, but you need to tank its absurd damage for a while so do it in moderation.

2. Zone Control? Aim for Citron! - Citron's skills offer the most ZONE CONTROL out of all the heroines. In this game, Zone Control increases when you cast a skill depending on the ZONE CONTROL rate a skill has. The skills you can obtain from Citron has the highest among the ones you'll out of the 5 them. Especially the [Smile Flash] skill which has REALLY low damage but can restore up to 15% Zone Control, it also has really long cast duration so it can help in stalling time. Although it might be VERY painful for your deck as it require 6 points to equip. Aside from that, Citron is an easy opponent. Though if hit getting hit continuously by [スマイルフラッシュ] will easily drain most of your Zone Control.

3. I WANT POWER!!! Raid on Silence - The skill [ホーミングレーザー] you'll learn from her has high damage output and low cooldown. Although it might not be enough to blast through Aquira, it's a skill that deals the most damage to Arnest who can be considered the toughest out of the 5. It's also strong enough to 1-hit Labyrinth in hear early stages so if you want power, you better learn this skill. [フルブースト] or full boost is also very useful as it boosts all your skill's cooldown rate. Aside from that, Silence is a really fragile enemy. Although she has some dangerous skills, it's not something that can rival Aquira's firepower.

4. OH NO! MY HP IS LOW! Kokoro to heal your kokoro(heart)! - Yes, Kokoro is this game fountain of life... like, seriously. Kokoro is too fragile of a character where most of your skills can either kill her or fatally damage her. THUS, she is the one you should fight if your health is low. But the skills you can learn from her are pretty useful. Her skill Nightmare ??? is Aquira's weakness and her Lunatic ??? drops all the skill gauge of the enemy, skills pretty useful against Aquira.

5. Ku! KOROSE! (Kill Me) Princess Knight Arnest - As the most average among them, she can be pretty tough or pretty easy. With Homing Laser equipped, you'll evidently have an easier time. Although one of her skill [ノーブルクロス] or Noble Cross has the strongest damage output out of all the skills. The skill can also restore your Zone Control for a considerable amount. Although it's only downpoint is its really slow cool down. So tanking that will be a good idea, of course, it's painful. Prepare some tissues.Last modified on 2018-07-29 at 02:07
#5 by darthjake
2018-08-30 at 23:13
< report >@hiwaba, Thank You, Thank You, OMG, THANK YOU!

I could see the countdown, but my translator did not tell me what it was for I was also attempting the most difficult heroine on my first try.

Now my question is this, I'm trying to corrupt the goth girl, but I'm not getting the finisher move instead the bar is just moving to 100% and I get a sex scene. I'm bumping the counter up in increments but I just know I'm doing something wrong.

Can you corrupt a heroine if you have a corrupted heroine fighting on your side?

Thanks in advance, and for all your previous help!


Okay, just answered one of my questions, yes you can corrupt with a heroine on your side, I was wondering if your event guide was for the ending with the corrupted heroine vs the non corrupted.

Now I'm wondering if I just did not have enough zone control for the goth girl, going to try that out now.


Not sure what the issue is, sometimes I can corrupt, other times I can't. I can beat Asahina to 100% corruption, but sometimes I just don't get the finisher move even with I started at 100% zone control, or initiated the corruption at or about 90% zone control.Last modified on 2018-08-31 at 04:06
#6 by darthjake
2018-09-01 at 01:55
< report >@hiwaba, if you see this could you give some explanation as to why sometimes you don't get the option to Animus bind sometimes. I'm getting the heroine up to 70ish percent and then either running or getting her to run on the way to corrupting her, but when I start the next fight, even with a 90ish zone control I'm not getting the binding skill, I'm still finishing it, but like Aquira, I'm stuck at the 1 heart you get automatically, and the blue haired girl with the railgun I'm stuck at the 2nd heart.

On one of my playthroughs I did corrupt Aquira and railgun girl once. I've also managed to corrupt all the others on easy mode, so I moved to the next difficulty level and I'm still having the same issues.
#7 by hiwaba
2018-09-20 at 05:51
< report >@darthjake: I'm so sorry for the really late reply bro. Been busy IRL that I wasn't able to check this site out... I'm not sure if your questions have already been answered (at least outside this thread), but I'll try to answer your latest question.

The reason for that stems heavily from the main premise of the story which is corrupting the heroines by exposing their doubts and worries. And for Clive (demon king) to know them, he lets Kazunori (the protagonist) to investigate the girls. To investigate that, you have to visit the heroines during morning or afternoon periods in school, when they have a blue(?) mark on their icon. The day after that (given they are available on that day), you'll see them with a yellow (!) mark which unlocks the special command to permanently corrupt their heart gem in animus bind.

There are some heroines who have the yellow (!) mark and blue(?) mark set on Sunday. I'm not sure if I remember it in the right order but, as much as I can remember, Ayaka and Natsuki are heroines that have 1 yellow (!) mark event set on Sunday. Nao (Railgun girl) also has a blue(?) mark event set on Sunday. Now, like I said a while ago, my order could have been mistaken, but these three girls have events that can unlock their animus bind on Sunday. So if you get on a sweet Sunday morning and would have liked to visit your favorite waifu, you should hold your horses and check if there are heroines that have a blue (?) mark or yellow (!) mark on their icons. Usually, you'll only see Green Star marks on Sundays. So, yeah, it'll be really hard to miss once you know it. ^^

For Kokoro/ Goth Girl, it's either you didn't trigger her blue(?) and yellow(!) events, OR, you may have triggered it, but for some reason, you managed to skip the ONLY evening(after school) event in the game, which is essential for unlocking the special command. The event I am talking about is only available after you permanently corrupted two of her heart gems and trigger her blue(?) mark event in the morning/afternoon at school, where she'll ask to go to the Protagonist's room/house. After finishing afternoon events, instead of going to the Night Battle Phase, the game will be set on the evening (after school) Phase where an event should trigger or need to be triggered. (I think you still need to click her icon, or it will automatically trigger, I don't really remember >_>)

And I forgot to add this when I was replying... But LAST BUT DEFINITELY NOT THE LEAST, are BUGS... Your Version of the game might have some problems with triggering events similar to how almost 3/4 of my 4 Playthrough (1 New Game, 3 NG+) triggered Aquira's Ending without even triggering a single green star event for her. But of course, my issue might not have been a bug like I stated in my walls of text in my previous reply. ^^Last modified on 2018-09-20 at 13:50
#8 by darthjake
2018-09-20 at 17:58
< report >Aha!!!! That's what it was, I was triggering 2 different girls to broaden my range to attack / corrupt, but I was shooting myself in the foot. So, blue ? then yellow ! to corrupt.

I'm actually sort of shocked I managed to get as far as I did using a machine translator, but I did beat Ernest once, and also managed to beat the rail gun girl, and I took her to beat the goddess (barely).

Good to know, I'll have to re-install and play with this new knowledge, I was getting soooo frustrated, then I read your guide, and made more progress, but this little bit will help out alot more.

Thanks again, and don't worry about the late reply, you replied and that's what counts. Good Luck with real life!
#9 by hiwaba
2018-09-21 at 00:05
< report >@darthjake: Thanks! Haha, that is the inevitable fate of playing it with a machine translator... >_> When I was young and barely know these runes, I also relied on google translate which was really horrible back in the days. Present google translate is still horrible though. ^^

Actually, attacking multiple heroines is a great idea as you need to corrupt all of them to get the harem ending. Although, I'm not sure if you can get that ending in the first playthrough. The idea makes me want to test it out. ^^ But for now I'll focus more on work and the gameplay videos of Hello Lady! I have in my YouTube Channel. (Though I haven't posted for more than a month because of my tight schedule T_T)

Also, I'm still far from finishing it, but I plan to post a video of the Prologue of Yamizome Revenger in English (Only until Clive defeated Arnest for the first time). However, I'm not really confident with my English skills and my Translation prowess. >_>

Good luck on your re-run of this game bro!
#10 by darthjake
2018-09-21 at 02:32
< report >Hell you'd have alot of people's eternal gratitude, and possible their money if you were to hone that translation prowess and even make partials. I only know the skill acid rain because of your guide, although I'm thinking about taking a course on reading the moon runes, or maybe even looking into some language learning guide.
#11 by mizuki12
2021-11-15 at 06:31
< report >there is harem ending and goddess ending, right? what should i do to enter that route?Last modified on 2021-11-15 at 06:31
#12 by tomokun165q
2021-11-15 at 09:58
< report >magic increase your skills damage..
#13 by abandoned
2021-11-25 at 23:12
< report >Anyone know how many total hearts each girl has?

EDIT: Thanks mizuki12. Just gonna add also for future viewers that Fein has 2 hearts in NG+

EDIT 2: I managed to get 95% completed, but can't bring myself to keep grinding through this game. I uploaded the save file here. The CGs I'm missing are the harem ending (you get it from corrupting all the heroines before fighting Fein in NG+, but too much hassle for me), and some scenes from Reon/Kokoro that you get from repeatedly filling their heart gauges without permanently corrupting them.

There's a CG gallery here if you want to see what is missing.Last modified on 2021-11-29 at 23:46
#14 by mizuki12
2021-11-26 at 08:09
< report >Arnest - Aquira - Citron = 4
Silence - Labyrinth = 3


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