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#1 by batoo
2018-07-25 at 19:07
< report >... Let me guess but there are only NTR endings right ? Not a single one good ending for MC ?
I don't want to buy that game if there is no good ending for MC ...
Ask for spoilers please erogamers comrades :3Last modified on 2018-07-25 at 19:13
#2 by zeorymer
2018-11-20 at 22:25
< report >>wanting to read one of most impactful ntr-titles, but no encountering any ntr....

why no just stick with ur standard drama-free moeblob?
#3 by kratoscar2008
2018-11-21 at 04:15
< report >Edit, taken from exhentai:
"There are three endings depending on when Makoto tells Mizuki the truth about Hasegawa:
Early: Mizuki believes Makoto and breaks up with Hasegawa and starts going out with Makoto despite feeling guilty that she isn't a virgin. Makoto gets Hasegawa to delete his photos and video of Mizuki and promise to leave her alone under the threat that he'll report him to the school and expose his cheating ways to his "girlfriends".
Middle: Mizuki somewhat doubts Makoto, but follows his advice and secretly follows Hasegawa one day, spying him sexing up three different girls. She breaks up with Hasegawa, but is too shaken up by the betrayal to try romance again, and so Makoto and Mizuki never get together.
Late: Mizuki doesn't believe Makoto. Hasegawa lets Makoto have sex with Mizuki while she's tied up, blindfolded, and earmuffed, but she doesn't even recognize Makoto's penis as a penis. Hasegawa reveals it was Makoto and lets him confess his love for her. Mizuki says she loved him too, but it's too late, can't live without Hasegawa's penis, you know the drill. Months later, Hasegawa holds a livestreamed foursome with Mizuki and two other girls who had shown interest in Makoto. The girls were mad at first, but now get along and have matching piercings.

Note that the first two endings don't contain any new CGs besides Hasegawa's capture album."Last modified on 2018-11-21 at 04:31
#4 by sovapex
2020-08-30 at 22:59
< report >I find NTR pretty fucking hot, but man, I'm still susceptible to feels. Oh well.
#5 by behappyeveryday
2020-08-31 at 01:38
< report >Oh, this work got translated? Not bad.

@4 Nah, this one is rather mild and vanilla compared to other NTR-games. Ntr-guy here is a cool dude and isn't an arrogant bully as you could expect from his character design. As far as I remember there is no rape, all sex is consensual. When it comes to "being ntr-ed" this feeling is strongest with Noriko (class pres) because MC has a crush on her, her scenes are also the hottest, but there is not a lot of them. The childhood friend, who is supposed to be the main heroine, isn't interesting enough because her story starts way too late and there is no much connection between her and MC.Last modified on 2020-08-31 at 01:42
#6 by shinytentacool
2020-08-31 at 04:02
< report >I see the girls wearing masks. Even while cheating on another man, don't forget to #StaySafe
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