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#1 by encrypted12345
2018-07-26 at 03:37

I'm tempted to buy Starnova just spite this guy. The reviewer is trying to say "this VN is shit because the writing sucks", but he comes off as "this VN is shit because you offended me".
#2 by [deleted]
2018-07-26 at 04:31
I've already written a fucking bible elsewhere about this, but I can't support giving any money to Sekai Project under any circumstance. The writer of this review comes off as a bit of a pretentious cultural liberal idiot (an SJW, as some would call it), but that doesn't make this developer or publisher any less shitty.
#3 by sanahtlig
2018-07-26 at 06:41
"The deeper truth is that idol fan culture, as well as the closely related anime and manga fan culture, is institutionally incapable of dealing with independence in young women."

Stopped here. The argument fell apart as soon as he conflated real people and fictional characters to make his point. If you want to make the point that the game's (and the genre's) main appeal is male wish fulfillment without any redeeming artistic quality, you can do this without committing logical fallacies.Last modified on 2018-07-26 at 06:50
#4 by PabloC
2018-07-26 at 08:44
That was a pretty helpful review... in a sense. While I didn't manage to read much more of the actual text than Sanahtlig - I have limited tolerance for neo-liberal horseshit - the screenshots themselves, full of weeb-isms and typical OELVN-level writing, were informative enough. :PLast modified on 2018-07-26 at 08:45
#5 by mademan2
2018-07-28 at 13:53
I for one am really enjoying this VN, granted I am not an elitist who only reads japanese vns and always expects flawless writing so if you inherently think every evn is bad, its really not for you. But for anyone else, it is surprisingly fun and intriguing story and had kept me interested, at least in the three routes I did so far, I stayed up all night and simply read on because I wanted to know how the routes ended :)
#6 by [deleted]
2018-07-28 at 13:56
So basically, it's fine if you just drop your expectations.

Technically, Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey are also surprisingly fun and have intriguing stories if you fall down a flight of stairs and contract a traumatic brain injury.Last modified on 2018-07-28 at 13:58
#7 by eacil
2018-07-28 at 21:03
Twilight the movie is great if you watch it with someone who happens to be a fan and you ridicule every second of it (especially when they start to gleam). TO NOT DO if it's your girlfriend.
#8 by [deleted]
2018-07-28 at 21:20
I meant the book, obviously.
#9 by being
2018-07-29 at 02:04
that's the editor for chrono clock btw, I'm not convinced he would know the first thing about good writing

plus big chunks of the review comes across more as posturing/virtue signalling to make up for degeneracy as hes clearly a huge lolicon

plus the review is straight up illogical
#10 by [deleted]
2018-07-29 at 02:37
#9 Nice transition from ad hominem to argumentum ad lapidem. Almost disguises the fact you don't have anything meaningful to say.
#11 by being
2018-07-29 at 03:24
1 is meaningful because chrono clock is the laughing stock of the community, it says says something about his standards and practices

2 i just find amusing to think about wtf it all means, you should spare some time to think about it too

3 i can expand on but i'd have to read the review again and i don't feel any payoff from making lengthy responses to silly reviews

it's never a good idea to assume others have nothing to say based on such limited information, what you've said yourself so far isn't exactly earth shattering either
#12 by [deleted]
2018-07-29 at 03:39
1 & 2: The literal definition of ad hominem is attacking the person making the argument rather than the argument itself. Saying, "he's a bad editor" and "he's a lolicon" doesn't mean that SSS is any less SSShitty.

What I've said is essentially that, given the author's pedigree and the overall quality of the studio, I can't see any way that this game would be good. The entire reason I'm posting in this thread is to try to point out that just because the writer is a complete moron doesn't mean that the game he's bashing is automatically good.
#13 by being
2018-07-29 at 20:50
i would be pretty surprised if SSS wasn't shitty, that wasn't my point since i haven't even read it. i'm just interested in thinking about the true nature of a review like this from the POV of a person who edited chrono clock, owns loli merch, reads eroge and then writes a political review like this. it just doesn't seem honest to me given that eroge in general is pretty much all misogynistic & problematic from a progressive feminist perspective. I take this shit for granted so I didn't even bother to mention it in my chrono clock review (if i were a feminist i would really hate that game)
#14 by luther
2018-07-30 at 19:12
It's clickbait. That's all there is to it.
#15 by pendelhaven
2018-07-30 at 19:29
this person is projecting that women can be stronk and independent and that they don't need men. and yet they're being the majority of welfare recipients.

women are children. actually calling women as children is an insult to children. children are cute, childish, energetic while women nag, moan, and complain. *sigh* I should stop here already before this gets way out of hand.Last modified on 2018-07-30 at 19:31
#16 by encrypted12345
2018-08-01 at 06:46
I "obtained" a copy and played through the common route of Shining Song Starnova. I didn't think it deserved an entirely new thread, but here's some first impressions.

1. The overall plot is simple enough. It's a straight-forward enough underdog rising to the top story, nothing too original. It's enjoyable in the sense a B-movie is enjoyable by having enough corniness and passion to work. One of the rival idols is a goddamn robot for crying out loud, and she's not treated as anything unusual. Maybe the weeaboisms actually help with the B-movie feel.

2. No real pacing issues. Granted, I lived through Clannad, so maybe my ability to sense pacing issues has shriveled up and died, but I'd like think I would have noticed something if there was a significant pacing issue in the common route. I guess the characters occasionally wax philosophical, but I never felt that those sections felt too drawn out. On a side note, I think the fact that the common route has no choices helps with the pacing, and I suppose there's nothing wrong with the game blatantly showing who the true and final route heroine is when the route split choice does come up.

3. The common route focuses enough on all of the major heroines to give all of them some depth. Some heroines are clearly better or more fleshed out than others, but still. The protagonist is pretty much a hardcore idealist through and through, nothing unusual for the type of story this is. The antagonist idol group is ridiculously evil in a corny way, though about 3 out of the 6 important characters in the antagonist group at least have some humanity and fleshing out. The three not really fleshed out are the evil producer, who might as well have been a comic book supervillain, the subleader with barely any screentime, and the actual gynoid.

Here's how I feel about the main heroines at this point of the story.

Honestly pretty good
Shit loli Aki
Old hag Mariya

Pretty likable
Slut 'Murican Julie
Moral Fiber Sasami

Okay, I guess
Chuunibyou Maki
Kyonyuu Nemu

Could have been removed with nothing of value lost
Peasant Natsuki

As far as juggling seven different heroines goes, Starnova could have done worse. I don't hate any of them outright even if I'm very apathetic towards one of them.

In the end, is it worth playing? Well, I suppose it depends mostly on if you're the type to just enjoy something that's "ironically good". Personally speaking, I like it enough to play it to the end.
#17 by usagi
2018-08-01 at 14:40
How much h-scenes are there? How long they are and how early they occur?
#18 by encrypted12345
2018-08-01 at 15:07
There are no H-scenes in the common route, which is more or less about the first 10 hours in the game. That's just a vague estimate on my part though.

I've only played the Natsuki and Maki routes so far, and there were 3 and 4 short scenes respectively (one of Maki's H-scene is a bad end, but once you do a bad end, the game lets you go back to the choice that lead to the bad end painlessly). The first H-scene is in the mid-point of the route while the last one occurs in the epilogue. Most of the H-scenes have some animation, if that's an important factor. Both routes are about a 1/3 of the length of the common route.Last modified on 2018-08-01 at 15:16
#19 by [deleted]
2018-08-01 at 20:53
Well regardless of what this VN is or isn't, one has to give credit to them even putting the effort to closely work with JP staff, such as getting the VA's, some of which are are not just unknown to the industry amateurs.

It's a lot more credit than one will ever be able to give to the typical weeb OELVN. Most others don't have the budget or connections for that. At least they're trying to be legit.Last modified on 2018-08-01 at 20:53
#20 by [deleted]
2018-08-01 at 21:06
#19 The only thing that is evidence of is that Sekai is giving seiyuu to the wrong people. You can't give credit to someone for having connections to one of the most corrupt companies in the industry. If Sekai has the budget for professional Japanese voice actors, why aren't they giving them to their competent writers, instead of some fucking idiot writing their trashy idol fanfiction eroge? I want to read Lucid9 or The Way We All Go with Japanese voice acting, but no, we need to give it to the unoriginal moron who's only successful because he made a TRPG VN when gameplay VNs weren't common. Fuck LiS, and fuck Sekai for enabling them.
#21 by encrypted12345
2018-08-01 at 22:05
Ah, speaking of the voice acting, it's partially voiced. Some lines are fully voiced acted, but most lines are simply accompanied by one of a variety of stock phrases. It took me a while to actually notice, mainly because I skip voices for the sake of increasing reading speed.
#22 by encrypted12345
2018-08-02 at 19:53
Finished Starnova. I like it enough for me to bother to give my thoughts about it. I posted my thoughts on the common route on post 16, and I'd say that those impressions are largely the same. Overall length time is about 25-30 hours.

Route structure: Generally, the differences between routes can be attributed to the circumstances that come as a result of which heroine you pick as a center. There are a number of plot events that occur that can't be attributed to it, but they are surprisingly few unless maybe counting character epilogues. Interestingly though, it's implied that the events of the minor routes (Natsuki, Nemu, Mika, and Julie) occur in a modified fashion in both Aki's and Sasami's routes which is why it's best to save Aki for second last and Sasami for last. Otherwise, order isn't a big deal, but I wouldn't recommend doing Mariya route first since that's one of the better ones anyways.

Natsuki: Her route was decent. Nothing too special, but it does give a believable backstory to the otherwise self-insert main character. It's probably the most down to earth route.

Mika: Surprisingly good. Not much to say overall, except that it was pretty down to earth as well, considering how much I mentioned that half of the common route's charm was the B-movie feeling.

Nemu: Terrible route. Definitely the worst route in the whole VN, but it has a place in the greater whole with its theme of "celebrity makes people go crazy". Maybe I just really hate unreliable narrators. It's a shame since I'm a yandere fan. It is amusing how the route plays with your expectations since the type of craziness Nemu thinks Kamijou is pulling seems completely in character.

Julie: Pretty good, about as good as Maki's route. Of the minor heroine routes, it's the least down to earth as a fair warning. I'd say that out of all the side character routes, it happens to focus the most on camaraderie. Also, if you have a thing for daddy issues, then Julie is the waifu for you.

Mariya: Overall, I've been mentioning that the minor heroine routes have been relatively down to earth. That's because Kamijou and Quasar don't play a huge role in them. I really like this route (3rd favorite), but damn, Quasar as a whole and their producer Kamijou is ridiculous. At least the Quasar characters that seemed relatively human in the common route stay such even in this route such as Shiro. As for how over the top, think Yume no Kusuri. Mariya being a good heroine helps this route a lot, but Aki playing a prominent role really helps a lot too.

Aki: Surprisingly, Aki's route references a lot of other routes. It's definitely best saved for second to last and probably should have had requirements like Sasami's route. Interestingly, out of all of the heroines, Aki has the most screen time in other heroine's routes, especially in the Maki and Mariya routes. Mariya and Sasami are still more important than the side heroines though. In any case, this route did something I didn't think was possible. The author made Kamijou and Quasar as a whole somewhat relatable. It wasn't because of a drastic character shift or anything; it was only through further fleshing out the characterization of Kamijou. Granted, that's half because someone eviler was introduced, but credit should be given where it's due. Aki is being best girl overall helps too. 2nd favorite route, but that's because the creators obviously put their most effort into the true route.

Sasami: All of the heroines go through some characterization in their respective routes, but Sasami goes through the most in her own. Elements that have been introduced in other routes all play a role here. Elaborating more would probably involve spoilers, but I can at least say that there are no drastic time skips involved or anything too crazy like that. All in all, a pretty good true route that closes out the story as a whole.

I'd give this VN a 7.5. It's pretty good and fun, but still pretty rough around the edges. I can't recommend it to everyone, but give it a try if you have some tolerance for cheesiness and a taste for comeback stories.Last modified on 2018-08-02 at 19:55
#23 by rachelalucard
2018-08-28 at 02:44
having to finish the others routes first, Sasami's route was kind of dissappointing for me i don't know why, probably because the girl is prettly meh...
i enjoyed Aki's and Mariya's way more
#24 by nazim10
2018-09-15 at 17:16
I didn't want to start a new thread about it, so might as well ask here: in Mariya's route, after Shiro went up in the elevator to meet with Kamijou. What did he actually do to her? I didn't seem sexual.
#25 by botzy
2018-11-22 at 11:19
This game was pretty disappointing overall. They clearly copied the nakige formula from companies like Key but they just went too far with it, in routes like Julie it was something bad happens - they deal with it - something bad happens - repeat over and over until the reader just doesn't care any more. You need some tragedy and low points to build up high points sure but if I lose interest because it happens in every single route at the same time in excessive amounts then you've failed. The true end route with Sasami was the worst offender, which isn't good since it's supposed to leave the strongest impression. Which I guess it did in a way since they decided to throw in lesbian NTR scenes for no apparent reason other then getting more lesbian CGs into the game, which was infuriating.

I can appreciate the amount of work that was put into the game and it's heads and shoulders above most of the absolute garbage that gets pumped out by western VN devs but yeah, wouldn't recommend. Even if you are less petty then I am and cut out complaints about NTR or it being an OELVN, the purpose of the game is melodrama and it's not very good at it.


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