Ushio onee-chan appreciation thread!

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#1 by styr
2018-07-27 at 18:30
* Minor spoilers ahead for Ushio's route. Asaka Ushio

Ushio is unironically peak performance. She is the ideal convergence between a loli and an onee-chan: the fabled loli onee-chan! Sure, she's not actually Ryou's older sister, but it is the thought that counts!

Seriously, who wouldn't want a 146cm tall beauty skillfully fixing their tie before starting work?

Or being a taste-tester for her as she works her culinary magic baking cakes?

Or seeing her struggle to stand on her tip-toes, all to give Ryou a headpat for doing a good job?

Not to mention Ushio's silky smooth voice, adept at both praising Ryou while also saying da~me in an extremely cute drawl?

How her eyes and face lit up in pure joy the first time Ryou said she was like an onee-chan!

Or how flustered Ushio became when her classmates started to tease her for acting lovey-dovey in the hallway when she was tidying up Ryou's clothes. And then right after that Ushio had a huge smile plastered on her face as she thinks about herself and Ryou being well matched together.

Even when Ushio had a misunderstanding and thought about Kanon and Ryou as a potential couple, listing off the various reasons why Kanon would suit him better, she refused to back down. Even though Ushio hadn't yet realized her feelings at that moment, she refused to give up without a fight!

And lastly, Ushio is downright adorable while she earnestly tries to act like a proper onee-chan! Even when strangers constantly mistake her as Ryou's imouto and/or being younger than him despite being a year older, she never gives up.

Her desire to spoil Ryou like a proper onee-chan perseveres!


So is anyone else a huge fan of Ushio?
#2 by chuee
2018-07-28 at 06:30
I think you mean Ushio Mama
#3 by sakurakoi
2018-07-28 at 06:44
I think the primary reason why you "appreciate" her because of that NSFW screenshot~
and I once took a look at the CG gallery (not because of that screenshot or a-anything!) and oh my, just how many times...
#4 by shining17
2018-07-28 at 08:41
She's soo lovely I want to eat her whole. Too bad this one isn't translated. Oh well, time to speed up my Japanese learning I guess..
#5 by kiru
2018-07-28 at 09:08
Do you really look at someone's earnest efforts and think that simply considering that cute is not an insult? That's what parents do when they look how their baby tries to take their first steps, and not how you look at a grown person. But well, she was pretty obviously created for exactly that "look at how she tries to do something but FAILS so hard, HAHA CUTE, little girly". I really didn't like that. At all.

I feel like this character may only work if you self insert. I'm not quite sure about it, but that could explain it. I know she's quite popular.Last modified on 2018-07-28 at 09:10
#6 by styr
2018-07-28 at 16:26
I can sympathize with how you feel, Kiru; it was frustrating to see the same 'joke' used over and over again on Ushio. Not only from random strangers but even her own classmates. This was my first Marmalade eroge, but perhaps the devs simply like to use running gags a bit too much.

Sakurakoi, I actually liked the ferris wheel scene more than the all-night fuck fest/solo bukkake scene. But to be honest I was kinda disappointed with Ushio's H scenes. There was a real lack of variety compared to the other heroines, at least when it came to sexual positions.
#7 by krykry
2018-07-28 at 17:10
Ushio as a character does a lot of things well where other attempts at this kind of combination does wrong and I love it, but there are things the developers did wrong about her as well.


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