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#1 by sarah101
2018-07-28 at 06:31
I don't see a netorare tag but I see that the premise is that the MC selects a bride, but I'm seeing a lot of gangbangs in this game. Could somebody give a quick rundown on what is exactly happening here? Thanks.
#2 by theu
2018-07-28 at 19:36
It's complicated. Kiyora and Touko are not really the protag's girlfriend or even lover. He's come from an urban setting to the unknown village and only engages in the local village tradition that happens every 20 years because he used to major in Religion studies, and is interested in such a mysterious village where the camellia basically grows at odd season and technically shouldn't exist, even without modern technology such as electricity or telephones.

Essentially, the nature of the tradition allows him a bride because they revere him as a god of sorts, and thus he never truly is in a relationship with them (until the end anyways).
#3 by sarah101
2018-07-29 at 02:59
I see thanks, is it initially rape and then turns consensual or something?
#4 by theu
2018-07-29 at 16:46
Once again, it's a little hard to say. In my opinion, some of the gangbangs, are purely consensual despite some of their feelings towards the traditions (Touko thinks the tradition is wrong, and it should be changed, but is still obedient as a person who follows the rules). At some point, however, it is forced. I do definitely enjoy a work that isn't so black and white, but yes, it does mess with the genre a lot. Erewhon is certainly unique in its catagory, although the premise isn't. (Samuel Butler novel.)
#5 by sarah101
2018-07-31 at 05:12
After just finishing the game.
The Touko gangbangs are definitely forced, actually, it seems all of the main female character gangbangs are forced. The only one that is consensual are the side character/ no names ones. And the exception of a single Touko bad ending.

I saw the Sae ending, is it real? She looks younger and its the MC. Something like a turn back time or alternative reality wish happened? It also looks a little too bright, like a dream/flashback, but a flashback is impossible considering the MC is there.

Also I think its possible Nagami Kiyora is the MC's sister. I noticed she kept calling the mc brother throughout the game, and at her ending. Though I'm not sureLast modified on 2018-07-31 at 05:16
#6 by xero
2018-07-31 at 06:21
^ can you tell me, is the game full of gangbangs/rape or just a little? also did it get a happy ending or sad one?
#7 by skyonite
2018-07-31 at 11:10
Kiyora isn't related to the MC. Instead of calling him "Omeguri-sama" like everyone else, she wanted to have a special way of calling him when they're alone, and thought of "Onii-sama".

Women are held in pretty low regard in the game so you'll see quite a few of them,the true end route ends in a happy way
#8 by asgezar
2018-07-31 at 11:17
This game is full of gang rape and gang bang. Scenario is kinda fucked-up too and you can't call the true end super happy. My advice: don't read if you really hate "sex with others / rape" stuff.
#9 by sarah101
2018-07-31 at 13:16
I haven't got the true ending, and I don't really plan on it lol. Who does he end up with in it? And which of the female MCs still got gang raped in it?
#10 by skyonite
2018-07-31 at 14:45
The true end route becomes extremely convoluted and unrealistic, in the ending he "ends up" with Touko. True end spoiler - He himself actually doesn't,but time travels to a point in time where he saves Touko and subsequently his past self and then fades away. The rest isn't shown but from my perspective its implied that the past MC and Touko escape the village afterwards
#11 by xero
2018-07-31 at 15:16
Man that's kind of a bummer since the art is top notch.

I thought there are vanilla route even admist the ntr/rape ala oyako rankan/tsumamigui, still gonna play it tho coz i have ponytail fetish lol
#12 by gilgamesh157
2019-12-04 at 18:01
Are there any gang-bang/Borderline NTR scenes with Kiyora? How is her route?


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