Ending still the same?

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#1 by imariolink
2018-07-29 at 16:50
I have no problems with spoilers, so spoil me everything you know. Will Sheren and Meirin die in this route again or is this ending different from the other one? What about Yenren? She has only 4 town events, so maybe she dies too or dissapears like in Souten no Haou
#2 by icarusgo
2018-07-29 at 18:37
yep yeren sheren and meirin still die. I'm pissed off and sad,the only route that will have a complete happy ending will be shoku
#3 by imariolink
2018-07-30 at 06:12
That's stupid. I also hoped that at least Sheren and Meirin won't have to die.
Will it be explained in this game why a second Kazuto appeared in the Gi route?
#4 by icarusgo
2018-07-30 at 09:40
maybe after the shoku route next year they will make a game with something different ,where I don't have to cry
#5 by xero
2018-07-30 at 11:36
I thought this game is a remake? or it is not?

Haven't play the kakumei series yet, so the story is roughly the same as shin koihime? or just the ending is the same?
#6 by icarusgo
2018-07-30 at 16:47
it is a remake with more story and heroines.
Example: in the Go Route you were with renfa when she
go recruit shishun
Edit:the game is basically the same but with more events and dialogue, and shishun finally have a individual H-Scene (:Last modified on 2018-07-30 at 16:57
#7 by imariolink
2018-07-30 at 17:13
There was a cg with Meirin and Sheren holding (their) children. What does this cg mean?
#8 by icarusgo
2018-07-30 at 18:43
I don' know. I Think is a pos-credits scene that they put just to make us even more sad knowing that scene will never happen T.T
#9 by realitymaker
2018-07-31 at 09:19
There's two post-game scenarios you guys should check (Third option on title menu).

One shows that Yenren and Sheren are still alive, while the other is a what-if that Sheren survived the assassin attack.

The first one adds on to the Gi's post scenario with Kada, where there's more than one Kazuto running around.
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#10 by imariolink
2018-08-01 at 04:27
If you don't mind, can you tell us what happen in those two post-game scenarios.
#11 by realitymaker
2018-08-01 at 05:39
I skimmed through parts of the first one, but the gist of it was that Kazuto was travelling with Kada, Chousen, and Himiko to find a way back to his home (in the future). They encounter Sheren's body after she was presumed dead due to the poison, but Kada was able to resuscitate her. Sheren decided it would be better to hide and traveled alongside with them. They ran into Miu and Nanano, and Nanano was ill. Kada says they needed a blood of a dragon to make the medicine, so they went to fight an actual dragon. Since they were losing, Yenren pops up to help. (I didn't read the part why she was alive, though I figured it was because they never buried her body and Kada also resuscitated her).

After obtaining the blood, they decided to part ways, and Sheren decided to give Kazuto a farewell kiss, much to his confusion. Both Sheren and Yenren commented how it was not the same Kazuto that was still in Go as he never called them by their true names. This is similar to Gi's post scenario where the Kazuto travelling with Kada and the others got mixed up with the one in Gi. I'm led to believe that this scenario implies something else for the future, but it might be my wishful thinking.

In the second scenario, Sheren and Kazuto were visiting Yenren's gravestone, but they weren't attacked until later. Kazuto was the one that almost got hit by the arrow, but it only grazed his clothes. As a result, Sheren was never poisoned, and she called for a war council immediately. She believed it was Xu Gong that attacked her, and so Wu didn't immediately rally to fight Gi.

Instead, they decided to sent Kazuto to go seek Touka's help, using his position as the Messenger of Heaven. While that happened, Keifa confronted Xu Gong on his cowardly action since she knew Karin would never condone assassination. However, she decided that it was best to send him to kidnap Kazuto, as rumors were leaking that they were sending him to negotiate with Touka. En route, Xu Gong succeeded in kidnapping Kazuto as they "distracted" Rian away from the palanquin.

As Kazuto was brought before Karin and the others, he proclaimed that he was no longer a person of Wu, but rather a Messenger of Heaven. He claimed that war would benefit neither side, and the path would only lead to the ruin of both Gi and Wu. Ultimately, it was a plan devised by Meirin: Kazuto would be captured in order to sow discord among Gi's camp. He was able to trick them into believing that he was a true messenger via his knowledge and what Meirin had told him beforehand. As a result, when Wu began to engage with Gi, his words led to confusion in the camp: he claimed that Touka would interfere with the battle. However, Karin and Keifa began to distrust his words, eventually thinking he was an actual spy, but the damage was done. They doubted the reports that Touka's army was on the horizon until they actually showed up.

They didn't show the conclusion of the battle, but it was implied that both Shoku (though at the time, Shoku wasn't officially formed I believe) and Wu dealt a decisive battle that led to the reconciliation of the nations. As a result, it ends with Kazuto, Sheren, and Meirin visiting Yenren's gravestone, only this time, they had their own children as well.
#12 by imariolink
2018-08-01 at 19:31
Good to see that there is a route in which Sheren and Meirin won't die. But is the Kazuto from the Go post-game scenario, travelling with Chousen,Himiko and Kada, the same Kazuto from the Gi post-game scenario, who also travelled with those there?
#13 by realitymaker
2018-08-02 at 01:48
I'm not really certain as I skimmed through most of the parts. I'd have to read it both Gi's and Go's scenarios fully to be sure.
#14 by imariolink
2018-08-02 at 18:24
Ok, I unterstand.
#15 by imariolink
2018-08-12 at 18:17
I found out that those 4 are the same people from the last game. Unluckily the game didn't say how they arrive from the Gi world into the Go world. Hopefully we will see a conclusion about the second Kazuto story in Kakumei Shoku.


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