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#1 by evenicle
2018-07-30 at 18:50
Wanted to find a save for this game but there's zilch. So I decided to play it without knowing any Japanese for the H scenes that seem to be new here (at least the scene with kath isn't in the OG game iirc). But now I'm stuck with Barro blocking the cave and I dunno what to do.

Help would be appreciated, thanks. Or a full save file would be nice too.Last modified on 2018-07-30 at 19:19
#2 by evenicle
2018-07-30 at 19:17
Nvm got past that part by killing monkeys. I made it to Eden and then the game ended... What's the deal with that? Is the NSFW scene with kath just bait then?Last modified on 2018-07-30 at 19:19
#3 by harp
2018-07-30 at 19:48
link (Translator of Evenicle in case you didn't know already. He's a pretty fun guy, so I've sorta hovered his profile since Beat Blades Haruka was released.)

To sum it up, it's just a few random thingies put together to announce poll results. So rather than bait, that's sorta the ultimate prize of it!
It might be released with the physical or something as a bonus.... MG get along really well with AliceSoft these days hehe.
#4 by evenicle
2018-07-30 at 19:53
@harp: Ah I see. Thanks.
#5 by rude
2018-08-03 at 15:44
Well that's no good. We lose out on the Kathryn scene. Hoping MangaGamer to include her in some way with the original game. I can't get enough of her character.
#6 by kiru
2018-08-03 at 16:10
I remember there was also some other spinoff. Was that translated as well? Some whatif thing about Rance being the protag of Evenicle instead... or something. I never tried it, because I dropped the main game anyway.
#7 by slarius
2018-08-10 at 03:56
Evenicle Rance was a preorder bonus for Evenicle and only contains the first chapter of Evenicle with Rance in the place of Aster and of course the writing has been adjusted for that. I don't think Mangagamer will ever release it so maybe a fan TL group will pick it up.


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