Having trouble with launching it

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#1 by skullcatcherhun
2018-08-02 at 16:05
Everytime I start it (even with applocale) it pops up an error mesage in japanese.
I tried to scan and translate it with an app, but all it popped out was
<unintelligable letters> <the route to the file> "and the questions only. No,
I have absolutely no idea how to fix it at this point, so if someone can help me, it yould be greatly appreciated!
Thank you in advance!
#2 by tomtheerogeman
2018-08-03 at 04:39
My Japanese is decent, so if you can upload a screenshot of the error message you're getting, I might be able to tell you what it says. I don't think anything such as applocale will help you if the error mentions the file path.
#3 by krykry
2018-08-03 at 15:43
Use the newest version of Locale Emulator. Also try various options this app has, like fake registry and fake system ui language, setting time zone to Japanese. Also make sure your game isn't too deep in folders otherwise directory length will be over the limit.

If that doesn't work, try DXGL since it might also be a rendering problem.

And like the previous guy said, post the message you get.Last modified on 2018-08-03 at 17:13


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