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#1 by hollowdelusions
2018-08-07 at 05:28
Any plans for this game to be translated into English? I saw somewhere a rumor that Tsurezure Scans (who translated Hatsukoi 1/1 and Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road) were planning to do Hoshi Ori next?
#2 by shining17
2018-08-07 at 05:50
They are currently working on the additional scenarios for Hatsukoi. After that, maybe they will announce this as their next project.
#3 by [deleted]
2018-08-07 at 08:19
They already announced it. They plan to work on this next after finishing the Hatsukoi Appends. They wanted to work on Hoshi Ori at first but couldn't because at the time they didn't manage to hack the engine, but now they did.
They're currently re-TLCing some Hatsukoi routes because they weren't satisfied by their quality, and will release that re-TLC with Yukino's append.
#4 by veshurik
2018-09-01 at 17:49
Interesting, if tone work's games will be licensed in English someday...
#5 by kominarachromer
2018-09-01 at 18:21
#4 Not likely to happen anytime soon. Visual Arts is currently trying to work through a massive backlog of Key games, which are generally guaranteed sellers because of the massive fandom in the West. There might have been a couple of tone work's games on their survey, but I think that the main focus was Saga Planets, since that's their most popular brand after Key.

Either way, if they're going to be localizing titles by their other studios, I'd rather they do Sayonara o Oshiete ~Comment te Dire Adieu~. Fat chance, I know.
#6 by mayoinice
2018-09-21 at 02:50
when is the english translation? approximately completion
#7 by mayoinice
2018-09-21 at 02:51
when is the english translation? approximately completion
#8 by fuukanou
2018-09-21 at 02:56
#6,7 not anytime soon. Perhaps late next summer at the earliest. This game takes a ridiculous amount of time to play in Japanese, let alone translating/editing/hacking the script and image editing.
#9 by zeorymer
2018-10-04 at 17:18
#8 full game maybe, but since they're probably going to do route-by-route releases again, the wait should be much more bearable
#10 by [deleted]
2018-10-14 at 00:43
Common route patch is out, and the first route they'll do is Marika's.
#11 by zeorymer
2018-11-02 at 23:37
Marika patch out as well, route order they´re doing: Misa > Rikka > Touko > Sora > Natsuki

btw Trip´s blogpost had me chuckle for good quite some times
#12 by infernoplex
2018-11-03 at 04:28
btw Trip´s blogpost had me chuckle for good quite some times

I'm sad about him likely leaving the scene for good after he is done with HoshiOri. Well, anyway, for those who want to see the blogpost, here's the link.
#13 by zeorymer
2018-11-03 at 13:14
he said chances are 50/50, but that´s before him having read ginharu, or even tw4. Won´t say it´s still possible, but chances aren´t half bad for him continue doing things either. In the end tl it´s just a hobby to him, sth that needs to be fun or it does no work.Last modified on 2018-11-03 at 13:16


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