Demo release date?

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#1 by minah
2018-08-13 at 01:43
The initial version of r49557 was all ages, but it's had multiple updates since then and is now R-18. Wanted to split them into separate releases but I'm not sure when the adult content was added. I can try and see if it's in a Twitter update somewhere but I figured it'd be faster if someone knew already.
#2 by bobopop
2018-08-13 at 03:26
I just checked the Kickstarter's campaign and updates and it said nothing about a new demo being R18. It's been R18 for 2018 is all that I know.
#3 by minah
2018-08-13 at 03:47
I haven't found anything on their social media, but I did find a review from May 2017 confirming that the earlier demo release had no sex scenes. I was a little afraid I was going crazy >_<


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