Sekai Project Lays off Staff

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#1 by jazz957
2018-08-13 at 21:05
Apparently multiple people reported on Twitter that they've been laid off from SP.

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#2 by dio
2018-08-13 at 21:15
Tell me that this is the end of Scam Project !?!?
It would be a dream coming true. ^^
#3 by jazz957
2018-08-13 at 21:52
#4 by ramaladni
2018-08-13 at 21:54

Basically it seems the staff were suddenly called for an office meeting and were laid off with one hour to clean up their desk/office.
#5 by [deleted]
2018-08-13 at 22:03
Maybe they shouldn't have taken on like 30 projects at the same time; then they wouldn't have to hire so many employees in the first place.
#6 by triority
2018-08-13 at 22:13
Just hope it doesn't affect Re;Lord 3...
#7 by encrypted12345
2018-08-13 at 22:55

Apparently it won't. Sekai said that the people that they fired were mostly marketers. I presume their translation staff is mostly freelance.
#8 by thewayfarer
2018-08-13 at 23:44
Likely gonna agree with that. The burden of having too much on your shoulders, cause right now I'm feeling that. But then again, the opportunities and the number of (good) visual novels we can have from good ol' Japan...

Sekai's the one of major distributors of VNs I know so far. Would be sad to lose one.Last modified on 2018-08-13 at 23:52
#9 by bobopop
2018-08-13 at 23:57
Why do people here not like Sekai Project? They've brought a lot of great games to America. Also, why are they firing so many workers?
#10 by [deleted]
2018-08-14 at 00:45
- Sekai Project's "former" CEO, Dovac, has stated multiple times that he hates the visual novel community and that he never wanted to work on them in the first place; and many other executives for the company seem to agree with him.
- They began the practice of launching Kickstarters to fund projects.
- Their Kickstarters have had multiple problems in shipping and delivering on a product in general.
- They've given money and support to Winged Cloud, whose scandals are so numerous I can't list them here.
- Oftentimes, their translations, particularly ones done in-house, are absolute garbage. Look up Ley-line or Hoshizora no Memoria for examples.
- They license far too many games, then inevitably end up delaying them.
- They've censored various games, sometimes without patches.
- They released G-senjou no Maou, which already had a complete fan translation, and charged twice the base package for including voices. Keep in mind, it would actually be cheaper to import a copy from Japan then it would be to buy the voiced version.
- Charging money for games originally released as freeware.
- Overall, they don't care about appearances, because a ton of people on Steam will buy anything they put out anyway.

That's the major ones.
#11 by bobopop
2018-08-14 at 00:47
Wow, didn't know this. Thank you #10. I've bought a lot of VNs from them on steam.
#12 by encrypted12345
2018-08-14 at 00:50
1. Sekai Project relies way too much on crowdfunding and said crowdfunding projects usually have some sort of issue.

2. They aren't as bad now, but they used to be censorship prone. Even now, they won't provide 18+ Baldr Sky. While it's probably more Giga's fault, Sekai is partially at fault for not communicating that people actually want the 18+ version.

3. Almost all of their releases have mosaics. The only reason Chrono Clock had no mosaics even though it was originally announced with mosaics is because Mangagamer announced Hapymaher (an older game by the same company) without mosaics.

4. Their Denpasoft website is practically unusable

5. It's an open secret that the higher ups hate the VN marketbase. This is mostly shown through the twitter ramblings of former CEO (and probably still important member of Sekai) Dovac.

6. A lot of their projects have gotten stalled. The most blatant example is probably Tenshin Ranman, of which no one knows what is going on, even the programmer Doddler. Heck, Nekonyan is releasing a Yuzusoft game before Sekai despite being way younger. JAST stalls a lot too, but they don't announce a lot of titles so their backlog is smaller than you would expect. MG sometimes has problems with releasing titles due to programming antics, but it's harder to notice when they release something every month.

7. Lack of transparency. Not that MG and JAST are 100% transparent, but they have built up enough trust that when there's an issue that they can't talk about, most people assume that they really can't talk about it because of legal antics. With Sekai, if they stay quiet about something, the lack of trust makes it so people assume the worst (that they are stalling for time) or when they say something, people assume that they are lying.

In 2017, they announced Baldr Sky and Maitetsu. Multiple times, they claimed that they didn't have time to confirm 18+ editions in X convention, and they said to wait for the next one. It took a LONG time for them to finally admit that yes, Baldr Sky won't have an 18+ version and Maitetsu will. Any remotely competent company should have confirmed such a thing with the original contract and by extension, the original announcement.Last modified on 2018-08-14 at 00:54
#13 by [deleted]
2018-08-14 at 06:01
Wait, did they finally confirm that there won't be a 18+ Baldr Sky?
When did this happen?Last modified on 2018-08-14 at 10:30
#14 by encrypted12345
2018-08-14 at 06:09
@13 They set a release date for Baldr Sky without mentioning that Baldr Sky would get an adult release, so it's fair to assume that they will never release it.
#15 by namiultedjapan
2018-08-14 at 15:53
The original game is all 18+ so that means they are just going to cut stuff out? That is so retarded.
#16 by triority
2018-08-14 at 17:38
@7: Ah, good!
#17 by encrypted12345
2018-08-15 at 16:10

>By 23 people
>On the same day there was a bunch of news about Sekai laying off its staff.

To be fair, maybe there were just 23 really generous land whales, but this is still suspicious as all hell. I would almost certainly say that it was self funding, but it's not absolute proof as KS would have to check where the money is coming from.Last modified on 2018-08-15 at 16:11
#18 by [deleted]
2018-08-15 at 16:32
Statbackr is even more detailed than kicktraq:
It is so obvious.


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