Similarities to Hapymaher + review *Spoilers*

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#1 by 10asd
2018-08-19 at 07:38
Naturally I played Hapymaher before CC, and I quickly noticed them. The very first one was how much Makoto looks like Alice. Over time stuff piled on:
-Michiru is almost a clone of Saki. Not just in appearance but in behavior as well. She loves waking you up, is rather sassy but still deeply cares about her brother. Obviously her story is more lighthearted than Saki's, she is blind and is actually related by blood to the protag. Amusingly enough both of them are the daughters of a prominent rich family.
-Both Cro and Alice aren't properly human. They're not real, both are parts of a different but similar entity, Chronos and Yuuko respectively. They both want to enjoy human life and what it has to offer, try to avoid parting ways with the protag, and have an emotional farewell. At least with Alice you have a REAL farewell, and they don't shoehorn a cheap, convenient reunion to get the happy ending.
-DD and Yayoi are partially-Japanese, blue-eyed blondes from England. Both of their stories involve going back to England, but the stories and characters are radically different, so that's where similarities end.
-Both Keiko and Misaki are brunette, pig-tailed short girls who play an instrument. Sadly, that's all here.
-DD and Yuuko both suffer from a mysterious, convenient illness. The trope is played far better for the latter, since she is actually so sick she spent most of her life alone in hospital, and is the reason for dragging everyone into the dreams and the creation of Alice. DD meanwhile. seems to be just fine physically, and apart from the two times she feels weak there's no way you could even tell she has three years left to live (suffering from organ failure even). They both get fine in the end, but for DD she just supposedly altered her destiny because God willed it, or love prevails above all, etc.
-Both games have separate routes with all of the girls, yet in the end they don't really matter, since there's a "true route" despite the girls remembering everything, and then not. Although this is a bit more complicated.

For one, CC actually tries some drama where the girls get upset for having their feelings toyed with. They realize they can't be with the protag to avoid his death, and are upset about his mutual feelings with Cro. Yet all of this seems to disappear the very next chapter on Cro's date, where the protag raises a bunch of flags and decides to do the very things they wanted to avoid in the first place regarding his death. Supposedly Misaki and Makoto didn't REALLY try to stop either Rei or Cro, but were just testing their resolve, yet they accept the imminent death of the person they love so easily the next day. Even someone like Michiru who is totally obsessed with her brother shrugs her shoulders. Though, worst of all, this didn't really matter either. Cro's route is debatably one of 2 true endings, with Miu's being the other one. That's right, after all 5 paths you go back to the prologue and decide you loved her after all, and the other 5 routes were "training" for this very moment. The game words it: "After finally becoming a man worthy of standing beside Miu, I had returned to this point in time." I cannot even begin to describe how much this pissed me off. It's probably why many people in other threads about this vn said she should've been a side-character, her story is in the prologue so ignore the end, her route is the worst, etc. The MC even talks with Miu about all the other routes, yet only he remembers, with Cro being her usual sassy, nosy self. What about the fact that DD will die in three years if she never finds the happiness she wanted in Japan? I swear, the writers really got lazy and decided to slap the worst ending as the "true" one for arguably the least important character in the game

Although Hapymaher also has a "those paths didn't really matter" ending, it's more tolerable for different reasons. They are dreams, not alternate timelines, although they might as well be the same thing. The girls don't seem too upset over this, and everyone is just happy they are back to reality after Tohru learns the truth about Alice and breaks from her loop. Yet they still want to do something about Yuuko, so they go back to their dreams to try. Despite the danger of being stuck in a "dream they would never want to wake up from" things go fine individually for each girl. After many conversations, Tohru together with Maya's help decides to change the course of the dream, so that Tohru was always by Yuuko's side, effectively changing her past with a dream. With one last conversation with Alice, it's discussed that since he changes the future, Alice won't really exist anymore since she was created as an ideal of Yuuko, and with Tohru by her side that ideal could be achieved. With one final farewell, he wakes up and goes to meet Yuuko after the long dream when she's discharged. The ending is open, with the girls not quite remembering the long dreamception that occured, although the sequel adresses many things including Yuuko's new life, the feelings of the girls and what will happen to Alice. Compared to CC, the drama is much more well-placed and there's no forced happy ending, with the game actually having bad endings as well.

Overall I'd say Hapymaher is the better game, despite CC having improvements like: a better MC, a better male companion (Shuuji is really much better than Tetsuya), better characters overall, better humor and less repeat (I only used the skip button on Hapymaher, because going down through all the paths and choices with entire chapters like the hotel rescue being done TWICE is really boring). Hapymaher though has better music, a better plot and less BS, which I feel just barely tips over the balance in its favor.

Either way, that's just my opinion, since I personally still enjoyed both games, despite their flaws, when I played them and didn't try to overthink things until the end.Last modified on 2018-08-19 at 08:12
#2 by pendelhaven
2018-08-19 at 07:53
and with all that you forgot how Maia and Miu are so similar. both are dead/dying, a really good char buildup, really short ending, and they are both... flirty let's just say.
#3 by kiru
2018-08-19 at 09:01
You shouldn't bother comparing games by completely different writers like this. Similarities are for the most part coincidences, differences are because the writers are different.

For example the repetition problem of Hapymaher is something its writer pretty much always does. The second half of the FD is pretty much only recycling things from the first game. (Didn't have enough daddy issues with Keiko yet? Rejoice! You get it once more! Same for the other characters and even the final conclusion..) Fake Azure Arcology has the exact same plot for the routes, just with a different heroine of course. I quite like the writer and think his stuff is pretty enjoyable, but only until the copying stuff starts. Chrono Clock not having the issue is simply because it's a completely different person behind the story.
#4 by 10asd
2018-08-19 at 09:20
#3 I mean, just compare these two games with for example the other 2 titles Purple Software released Amatsutsumi and Aoi Tori . The latter is better, but just looking at the screenshots for the former you can see all the similarities. I have enjoyed PS works, but I'm not sure I will in the future if they just seem to do rehashes like that.
#5 by danteas
2018-12-04 at 21:23
I wouldn't really say both mcs didn't end with the heroines in both vns. in hapymaher true ending even though the heroines remember what happens in their routes, they don't remember anything after they woke up, that's why I say that the real world part of the routes actually happened in the real world. And from what we have seen in the epilogues from those routes i don't think yuuko would keep them in the dream for that long without a good reason.

and in chrono clock case, I think that just by having miu's route we can asume that in parallel worlds or whatever, the mc does end with said heroines.Last modified on 2018-12-04 at 21:23
#6 by kiru
2018-12-05 at 08:51
^Nah, Hapymaher routes are all just part of the dream. If you think about it, it wouldn't make sense otherwise. The dream repeats. You know about all the route events. If anything would take place in the real world, the dream couldn't repeat. You would've escaped it.
The "waking up" endings are just red herrings. You only escape in the true ending.
#7Post deleted.
#8 by danteas
2018-12-05 at 15:49
#6 I think that in the routes yuuko lets the dream end instead of reseting it for two reasons

In the true route the heroines mention that they remember their routes events until they wake up. by this I asume that the routes endings that happen in the real world are actually on the real world and are not part of the dream.

And the second reason is that, in keiko route pefore the wake up alice remembers her role in the dream
and apologises for reseting the dream, but instead the characters wake up. and in saki and yayoi routes endings, the time goes for at least a year, like i said, i dont think that yuuko would let the dream be that long withouth a good reason.
#9 by jikorde
2018-12-06 at 00:24
I do remember a conversation during the true end where I think Saki or Yayoi and the MC talk about the route but you can notice they don't mention anything about the epilogue. Alice or someone else does mention the dreams might have ended in other worlds, so that's how I took it, that the epilogues are the only part of the heroine routes that didn't happen in the true route/ the dream.

That doens't fix how annoying it is to reach the end of a VN and learn the other routes all happened and didn't at the same time.
#10 by kiru
2018-12-06 at 08:21
Well, the "could've happened in some other world" is definitely true. That's always how it is. Fact however is, that it can't have happened for you, as YOU repeat the dream. If you would've stopped playing after the first early route, then yes. That could be considered your world. But only then. (edit: Not like you know anything about that by that point)

It's a bit hard for me to write about this, as I also know the FD though. No idea if that's supposed to be translated.Last modified on 2018-12-06 at 08:23


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