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#1 by nermie01
2018-08-22 at 00:34
Does he just completely infuriate anyone else? I have played a lot of visual novels featuring timid or donkan protagonists, but oh my god he is the absolute worst I have ever experienced. I've gone through Konomi's route, and currently going through Sasara's, and he is completely oblivious to their AND his own feelings until they are almost literally thrown in his face. I know part of it is due to the age of the game, but the level of his insensitivity and timidity is extreme even for that time period I feel like. On numerous occasions I have had to stand up, walk away from my computer and RANT TO MYSELF about his idiocy for a few minutes before returning to the scene I was in. SO FRUSTRATING.
#2 by sakurakoi
2018-08-22 at 01:02
Welcome to Japan, where even Gary Stu is a herbivore~

now whether that's better than China going full Sue till godhood or (South) Korea being utterly focused on gaming is debatable. (Please do not ask me about the boring west.)

by the by, I remember reading Yuma's route... and that's about it, about what I remember.
#3 by jikorde
2018-08-22 at 01:05
Honestly I think those are the worst routes for him. Sasara's is a special kind of bad with how he purposely ignores the truth of how Sasara feels along with how her route just doesn't end.
I think the rest of the routes minus the Twins and Tamaki's have him be okay. He's slow still but the girls don't love him until about midway and the story's don't linger on his slowness on love but the actual issue the girls have. He still makes bad decisions but not because he refuses to accept how he feels or that the girls love him but because he's an idiot or the situation is beyond him.

But yeah, he's really bad in Sasara's and annoying in Tamaki, Twins and Konomi's routes. Which I think is just a result of writing a route where the drama is falling in love in a setting where that shouldn't be a hard thing to do. Plus do remember that he's suppose to be bad with girls. He's going to make stupid decisions in all the routes because one of his traits is bad with girls.
#4 by conman
2018-09-14 at 21:53
The Sasara route has by far the worst donkan behaviour I'd ever encountered. While I was translating that particular route, at the height of his blockheadedness, I had trouble sleeping until he finally made my way out of that part of the story. It was excruciating. That one's definitely the worst, and luckily he's very different in half of the other routes, actually trying and working hard for the heroines, without being openly donkan. There were four different writers for the routes in this game, so there are quite different styles between each route.Last modified on 2018-09-14 at 21:54
#5 by drozzhat
2019-07-19 at 11:41
There's Donkan and then there's whatever this trash is. Such a bloody shame because I like a few of the gals, the MC is just sooooo unbearably stupid.
#6 by surferdude
2019-07-19 at 13:56
^ I've seen worse.
#7 by clorust
2019-07-21 at 18:17
The MC is hardly the most annoying thing about this VN, especially when you have what is potentially the single most insufferable heroine in any visual novel (Tamaki) in it. Every fucking time she appeared I wanted to hang myself, she ruined Sasara's route the moment she decided to show up in it around the second half.


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