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#1 by bdawg
2018-08-26 at 07:11
Can anyone spoil me on what that "male on male sex" tag is? If its literally as is, yaoi or something else
Was about to start this until I saw that tag which haunting me lolLast modified on 2018-08-26 at 07:11
#2 by ramaladni
2018-08-26 at 07:19
pretty sure there's a trap character. can always check the sexual traits on the character page.
#3 by kiru
2018-08-26 at 07:22
No real trap. The guy is a guy. Simple as that.
#4 by sakurakoi
2018-08-26 at 08:31
No real trap. The guy is a guy. Simple as that.
Well... which guy?

Seriously, the current traits do not really help. Even with spoilers. At best without there a homosexual "both" with A cup and to make matters worse "both" has a character named like them, quite looks like them and who is female. Otherwise I see no male characters that would seem as suitable partners and spoilers do not present anything more either.

I won't even argue about an Orc looking like a Goblin...
#5 by kiru
2018-08-26 at 08:36
... I mean, does it matter? It's a guy. Not a crossdressing guy. Not a guy considered a girl by people of the cast. A guy. Male.

Everything else goes into plot territory. I guess, whatever I can say is, that it's entirely optional and shit anyway.
#6 by krykry
2018-08-26 at 09:47
There's this one character who turns into a girl at times, but also has sex with protagonist as his male self. His very much of a trap looks-wise, feminine, that is. He/she is listed as Jiyuuni Ramu. Basically Ramu gets into having sex with protagonist after having sex with him as female, and then also starts getting to it as his male self as well.Last modified on 2018-08-26 at 10:00
#7 by sakurakoi
2018-08-26 at 12:30
^Thank you very much, they should probably get the shape-shifting trait at least.
... I mean, does it matter?
my condolences to your (more or less possible) spouse...

"What should we have for lunch?"
"Does it matter?"

"What should we watch?"
"Does it matter?"

"Do you want dinner, a bath or me~"
"Does it matter?"

"My parent died..."
"Does it matter?"

"Do you love me?!"
"Does it matter?"

"I want a divorce!"
"Does it matter?"
#8 by bdawg
2018-08-26 at 20:41
Thanks for answers. I saw both genders so was wondering if it was just sex with the female form, seems not.

But seems like a good VN so I'll just skip that scene ._.Last modified on 2018-08-26 at 20:42
#9 by aj58
2018-10-23 at 21:06
But gender bender sex makes it even better!
#10 by bobjr2000
2018-10-23 at 23:45
Personal not a fan of gender bender sex, just one of those none sense things that all of sudden their sexual preference changes as well. But I am a fan of yaoi so I will probably still check out scenes.
#11 by hikohiro
2018-11-23 at 17:13
I just finish this game and it is a great piece there something extra that i dun want to spoil


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