NekoNyan and Hikari Field Partnership

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#1 by [deleted]
2018-08-30 at 11:45
Unlike certain other companies, to them, it's not about making a quick buck. In fact, they're coming from a very similar background as we do, having originally started out as a fan translation group, and are likewise a small team of people with a passion for visual novels. As such, it was never their intention to release subpar English translations, and they took the criticism they faced with their previous attempt of releasing one of their titles in English very seriously, reevaluating their plans of releasing titles in English.

Impressive, A Chinese company that actually cares about quality.
Hope this means that both will share their catalog.Last modified on 2018-08-30 at 11:46
#2 by encrypted12345
2018-08-30 at 12:23
I think this applies more for future titles than current ones. Other titles owned by either Hikari Field or Nekonyan would either take some time to license or maybe one company would outright refuse to translate it.
#3 by dk382
2018-08-30 at 12:39
This gives Nekonyan the opportunity to localize most anything Hikari Field has licensed, but not the obligation to. That's an important distinction to make. Nekonyan won't localize something if they decide it's not in their best interest to do so (so probably don't expect monobeno any time soon). There might also be other tricky rights issues. Such as with Sakura no Mori † Dreamers, which is a Moonstone game. It's possible that MangaGamer's relationship with Moonstone still gives them priority.

The big news this thread is just sorta glossing over is that a Hello Lady localization was just announced with Steiner and DxS translating and editing it respectively.Last modified on 2018-08-30 at 12:40
#4 by encrypted12345
2018-08-30 at 16:02
I haven't played Comyu, but Akatsuki Works might be popular enough to sell well because that was translated by Ixrec way back when.

I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow's announcement was Hikari Field related as well. I suspect that it may be Tayutama 2, but Alia's Carnival is conceivable enough. Sakura Mori Dreamers wouldn't be too surprising if MG wanted to focus on Moonstone's nukige, but there was that Sakura hint. Then again, that could refer to any number of things like DCIII's fan disk.
#5 by alexlung
2018-08-30 at 16:16
awesome news, Hello Lady is a great game, hopefully, they will do the fandisk for the maid as well

if they would do Dreamers that would be even better
#6 by kominara
2018-08-30 at 16:44
#4 #5 You’re forgetting one key thing; the reason Ixrec was the one who translated Comyu was because no one else wanted to touch Wataru’s work. And, while Chuee might be enough of a maniac to actually try to translate Hello Lady, I doubt he’d be able to pull it off.
#7 by kiru
2018-08-30 at 17:09
People make way more out of "translation difficulty" than you need to. WAY WAY more. Yes, games by that writer aren't as "easily" written as your typical moege, but it's mostly stuff you can solve with a dictionary and obviously not crappy Japanese knowledge. It takes more time. That's it.

Games like Noratoto are actually way harder, because they focus more about comedy (in fact, that's its main point) and it makes way too many jokes that play with the language, with "youth" language you might not be familiar with, with jokes that are very hard to get if you aren't Japanese and so on. Not only do you need to understand all of that, you also need to shape it into something English, which is nigh impossible without explaining the joke or being native English. See the problem? How can you be native Japanese AND native English? Well. And THEN you also have the problem, that there will be absolutely never an agreement by people how games like that should be handled. Very freely translated? As literal as possible?
It's still possible, but you'd actually need quite a team for this and definitely a translator and a major editor who does more than just check for grammar errors and weird language which would also needed to be double checked by the translator afterwards if it's still accurate. Ideally a different one. Something most VN translations don't have, as far as I know.

Hello Lady will also have some of these problems, but if something fails there a little, it wouldn't kill the entire game. It's like having a problem getting a few jokes right in Fate/Stay Night vs. Lucky Star.
#8 by encrypted12345
2018-08-30 at 18:10
@6 Thankfully, chuee isn't involved. It's Reading Steiner, who at least has experience with Chuunige, and DxS is the editor, who has a lot of experience with editing in general.

Steiner has had his controversies, but that was before he was a professional translator. He works for J-novel, and every translation I've read from them was adequate at worst, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.
#9 by zeorymer
2018-08-30 at 18:56
@7 pretty much this, and especially since almost everyone never mentions it/thinks so. translating works of comedy or generally stuff that mostly relies on conveying emotions is actually superhard and can totally screw up anything if done wrong. when for example chuuni titles are being translated a little too much convoluted that´s way more forgiving than comedy sounding stiff/robotic/nonsensical/bland. doing the former can usually be tackled by having enough experience/not getting rushed by company x, while handling the latter pretty much requires both, translator & editor, having sufficient writing skills to not make the final product suck balls
#10 by kominara
2018-08-30 at 19:03
#7 Funnily enough, some anon on /vg/ said that their next game will be Noratoto, which'll probably be a fucking disaster.

I don't think I've read any chuuni translation I'd even classify as "good". 11eyes was the closest, but it was still highly flawed. The main problem is that you need to be able to replicate the theatrical and over-the-top writing of the games while still making them entertaining to read. Shit like Mirror Moon or Amaterasu just ends up reading like a teenager's fanfic of the original version.
#11 by chuee
2018-08-30 at 19:57
@6 I'm not a translator where are you even getting this stuff??

Also to piggyback off of @3, this doesn't give us access to everything they have because they have to have rights for an English release. It's possible that some of their games they only have Chinese rights to, and the original company doesn't want them to have English rights for some reason (like with Sakumori, they could have given the rights to MG, for example).
#12 by zimbobwa1
2018-08-31 at 00:22
@11 Well if you guys got Alia's Carnival I'm a happy camper. Do you have any influence in future licenses Hikari Field may acquire?
#13 by namiultedjapan
2018-08-31 at 01:34
Heres hoping Sakura no Mori † Dreamers will get picked up
#14 by [deleted]
2018-08-31 at 09:17
Aokana just got announced!
Also Hikari Field will be handling the Chinese translation.
#15 by encrypted12345
2018-08-31 at 09:52
Huh, so 4chan wasn't insane.

Well, hopefully, English and Chinese sales combined can save sprite.
#16 by veshurik
2018-12-22 at 15:20
Well, Making Lovers and Senren Banka announced (goodbye, Sekai Project).

And... no Noratoto, I am not surprised anyway ^_^


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