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#1 by fakegodz
2018-08-30 at 17:10
What the hell is this website

And why can't i find in google anymore...?

Even if i search Visual Novel Database or in the google, i did not found the actual at all...

All i find is, which some weird website that have 0 visual novel database in it... what...
#2 by kiru
2018-08-30 at 17:12
I do find .com as well, but .org is still the top listed result when I search for "vndb". Don't know what's wrong for you.
#3 by shining17
2018-08-30 at 17:16
If I may ask, where do you live? There's a chance of government censorship.
#4 by fakegodz
2018-08-30 at 17:17
Apparently my god damn ISP forcing me to use Safe Mode on google (can't turn it off no matter what).

Had to use my Opera VPN to get rid of that Safe mode... what the actual hell... now instead of being safe from explicit content, now i am prone to fake websie... nice...

Indonesia, yeah... censorship T.TLast modified on 2018-08-30 at 17:18
#5 by pendelhaven
2018-08-30 at 19:04
if I may ask as well, how legit is the site?
#6 by encrypted12345
2018-08-30 at 19:06
You might be able to access duckduckgo instead and use that search engine.
#7 by shining17
2018-08-30 at 19:13
Better use anynomox if you use Firefox on PC. As for Android phones, there are a wide selection of VPN apps to chose, both free and paid versions.
#8 by deepweb666
2018-08-30 at 22:26
#1 Weird... i never have the same problem as you..
#9 by bobjr2000
2018-08-31 at 05:39
creepy how far internet has come when it has forced censorship.
#10 by carboncopy
2018-08-31 at 20:22
can't lie, i just googled "vndb" to test this, and this site was the first result. what's your isp?Last modified on 2018-08-31 at 20:23
#11 by dk382
2018-08-31 at 20:27
@10 Did you miss his other post? He's in indonesia and his ISP is forcing google safe search with no ability to turn it off. Here's what the google results for "vndb" look like with safe search on: link
#12 by carboncopy
2018-08-31 at 20:34
^ oh yeah i did. that would explain it.
#13 by fuukanou
2020-03-24 at 04:55
Why is this site a dot org anyway? It's not an organisation at the very least.
#14 by shining17
2020-03-24 at 05:38
.org usually used for nonprofit organizations/sites, which VNDB can be classified as such.


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