Is rinne virgin?

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#1 by xeco
2018-09-04 at 13:16
I can see she is tagged as " not virgin" does this mean she had sex with someone else before setsuna? what about "Kuon" ddid she have sex with someone else after Setsuna?
#2 by el0d
2018-09-12 at 15:00
It's never said directly but...
The morning after Rinne and Setsuna have sex, Setsuna cuts his finger and says something along the lines of "it's been forever since I last saw blood" but if Rinne was a virgin he should have seen blood the previous night... so that suggests she wasn't a virgin.

As for who Rinne had sex with it's probably either Norimase or his son (sick Setsuna), maybe both even?
#3 by surferdude
2018-09-12 at 20:53
So what's the point of all that looping through time if the reward isn't fresh pussy?
#4 by behappyeveryday
2018-09-13 at 12:39
@2 This can't prove anything at all. And if you count this as a proof, then you could say what this just foreshadows the fact what originally author assumed what Rinne = RINNE and MC have had sex with her "earlier" in Winter arc . But anyway this comment of MC hardly proves anything and your conclusion is really farfetched. Also from earlier plot you could assume what initially author planned to make Setsuna from past to be same person with Setsuna from now. This is just one of many other plot holes in the game and you could clearly see how incomplete is it.Last modified on 2018-09-13 at 12:42
#5 by el0d
2018-09-13 at 21:35
@4 Keep in mind this is a written work, one doesn't usually just write things randomly. Talking about blood right after a sex scene... it's more likely to be intentional than a coincidence if you ask me. Still as you say it doesn't really prove anything, it's not really a evidence but more of a hint and there is more hints too. Before Setsuna and Rinne have sex, when Rinne is recounting her memories in the hut with Sick Setsuna she says something like she was shivering in the bed but then sick setsuna came and warmed her up, you probably didn't really think anything of it the first time you've heard it, I know I didn't, cause they were supposed be just kids, but then later you learn they were around 17,19 y.o. at the time, so yeah they probably boned. And then later she slept with protagonist Setsuna at the exact same place too.Last modified on 2018-09-13 at 21:38
#6 by noirx
2018-09-13 at 22:13
Hypothesis on top of hypothesis over something which won't ever be proven officially since it's a 15+ work XD
#7 by behappyeveryday
2018-09-17 at 03:42
@5 Mm, considering what there are at least five major plot holes and "True end" don't make any sense in context of the game as whole there A LOT of things which were written randomly (or maybe as I said they were written to foreshadow different plot from which game deviated). For example did you forget about "underwater temple" from Karen route? There is nothing about it in later parts of the game, you know. Also if you read Himawari then you could see what this author tend to ignore obvious plot holes, because "explanation bonus chapter" in Himawari is full of plot holes as well. I could say what he is good at creating characters, making slice of life interaction interesting, creating memorable atmosphere (Winter chapter here and Sunflower station in Himawari) and some emotional moments, but his logic is very flawed as well as scientific knowledge. Or maybe he just wasn't given enough time in both cases and just didn't have enough reasons to "polish" his works.Last modified on 2018-09-17 at 03:47
#8 by grelo
2018-09-17 at 09:01
#7 Now i know you are a troll. You clearly didn't pay attention or just skimmed through large chunks of the novel. Go read it again then come back.
#9 by behappyeveryday
2018-09-19 at 01:59
@8 I completed the game more than half year ago, but I remember my thoughts after completing the game, you know? Moreover Japanese players complained a lot about plot holes as well. And don't just start telling me what "underwater temple is actually research facility" type of BS.
#10 by klapman
2018-09-20 at 07:12
@9 Isn't the underwater temple just the ISLAND? It goes super deep down, after all. Boryujima is one of the entrances to the ISLAND, and it's an upward climb during the ice age. I think they make mention at some point during the true ending of spotting the ISLAND in the ocean, too. I agree that the explanations aren't hugely earthshaking, but they seem to line up.
#11 by pendelhaven
2018-09-20 at 08:43
^ do you understand how water physics work? if ocean water becomes ice it becomes more dense, meaning the sea level would rise exponentially. meaning boryujima would be even more underwater once the ocean becomes ice.

as a simple experiment just get a bottle of water and place it in a freezer and after a few hours the bottle would expand (because water expanded) to the point that it will create cracks if its a weak bottle.Last modified on 2018-09-20 at 08:45
#12 by klapman
2018-09-20 at 09:31
so this is how karen feels every day


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