Great yuri incest VN

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#1 by encrypted12345
2018-09-09 at 15:37
I probably would have rated this a 6, maybe a 7 based on the good routes. I'd say that Futaba's route is pretty good while Ichika's route is only decent.

The bad ends are glorious though. Especially Ichika's, definitely a 9/10 route at least IMO. Futaba's is more like a 7.5/10; it feels a little cut short.
#2 by bobopop
2018-09-09 at 15:39
How many H-scenes are there? I love the art.
#3 by encrypted12345
2018-09-09 at 16:24
About 10 short H-scenes with four or five of them being connected to the bad ends.Last modified on 2018-09-09 at 16:25
#4 by kiru
2018-09-09 at 17:15
There are no bad endings, as far as I remember. Just 4 routes with a single endings each. If you call two of these routes "bad endings", that's just unnecessarily confusing. They are neither really shorter nor in any way less than the other ones. Plus it would imply that the other ones are supposed to be the good endings, which I'd not agree with either.
#5 by seniorblitz
2018-09-09 at 20:26
A bad end doesn't need to be short/less valuable to be a Bad End, two of these routes are Yandere Endings, I would certainly wouldn't call them "good endings".Last modified on 2018-09-09 at 20:26
#6 by encrypted12345
2018-09-09 at 20:59
The main reason I used the term bad ending is because the yandere aspect was treated as a spoiler.
#7 by kominara
2018-10-12 at 15:08
The actual story was okay. I didn't really like the ero, but the good endings were decent, if a little generic. I was a bit more mixed on the "bad endings"; Futaba's is pretty good, and Ichika's is mediocre. Futaba's routes in general seemed to be better than Ichika's, but that might just be me.

The art isn't so great; like a lot of games by brands under Ranba Amuse, it's obvious that they hired an amateur off of Pixiv with nothing but a few Touhou and Kancolle doujins to his name. It isn't bad overall, but the sprites are too static and I don't really like the "shoujo-esque look".
The music and backgrounds threw me for a loop. A couple of them are just straight up taken from Dasaku, which brought up some...memories.

Overall, it's not a bad VN, but I think that it's overall inferior to Sonohana or Kindred Spirits, which are titles it needs to directly compete with for MG's audience. Sure, the yandere aspect will draw some people in, but Ichika's ending doesn't even really feel yandere, which means that there's about 30 minutes of game time with anything even resembling the fetish in there. It's a shame that localization companies seem to pick up games from brands under Ranba Amuse based on fetish appeal rather than actual quality.
#8 by marantana
2018-10-14 at 16:44
I take this as "the big GD thread"...

#1 #7 -- Oh. I just love the art style, all aspects of it are very good and not run-of-the-mill. Also, no absurdly large udders, just beautiful B and a C breasts.

I've yet to play the Ichika-route; the Futaba yandere route, which I'm reading right now, is really thrilling.

#7 the music. well, it's not bad. I noticed that the OP is very similar to a BGM track of Grisaia.

The route selection system...
Grind reducing. I like it.
First of all, score based branches are so much better than binary. I loved the way they did it in Beskonechnoe leto or (a bit simpler) in Wagamama High Spec.
Making a gauge meter available to the player at all times is a good way for a game with two protagonists.

Treatment of the topic...
Among the vn I read during the last weeks, Tsui Yuri ~Okaa-san ni wa Naisho da yo~ is actually one of those I liked the most (I also loved Lucy Got Problems). The taboo (in some regions of the world even a double one) -- for which there is no practical reason to even exist these days anymore -- and what hardships it can impose, is dealt with emphatically and various aspects are discussed.

The devs obviously decided to make the scenes self-explanatory and complete in favour of the scene replay feature. This causes a bit too much explanations via inner monologues to appear during a linear playthrough. This is but the only minor flaw I can see in this vn.Last modified on 2018-10-14 at 16:58
#9 by kominara
2018-10-14 at 17:30
#8 Don't get me wrong; it's still decent. I just think that when MangaGamer is selling it for $25 and DLsite is selling it for 5,184's extremely disappointing. It was obviously made on a pretty low budget, but that doesn't excuse the fairly shoddy quality and ridiculously short length. You can buy an older Black Cyc eroge like Gore Screaming Show or Gun-Katana - Non-Human-Killer on Amazon Japan for a fraction of the price. Even on MangaGamer, Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o - Deatta Koro no Omoide ni has similar production values and a similar length, but is a good $17 dollars cheaper. Unless you're into the very specific niche of yandere yuri, there's no real reason to play this VN over any of these other options.

Sure, the yandere routes are good if you're into that thing, but both of them also feel shorter than the pure love routes. And the pure love routes themselves are pretty mediocre and easily outclassed by other titles in the same genre; hell, the yuri routes in Subahibi are probably the same length overall, and have far higher production values, way better writing, and have the advantage of being attached to an actual full-length VN. Then again, from the looks of your list, it seems like you have limited time/attention issues/just have problems playing full price games overall, so I can see how this VN might appeal to you more, but...really, I don't want to sound like too much of an elitist, but just try to finish up the games on your stalled list and tell me more about how Tsui Yuri is nearly perfect.
#10 by marantana
2018-10-14 at 20:17
#9 -- You probably came to wrong conclusions because my list has many free and very short vns. I came to read vn only half a year ago at age 58, and among my first ones were Higurashi (so far as it has been translated by now), ef*, and Grisaia. I usually try to get 100% too if I don't dislike the story. Also, I use "stalled" as a replacement for "next to play".

That said, I generally go by how much any piece of art emotionally or intellectually appeal to me, not by objective quality criteria -- I think those can't really be applied by anyone except experts anyway. This I can only do for music and science content.

I really liked the "good" endings too. Of course much more could have been worked into the story. Fore instance, conflicts are internal, but positions in society are never challenged; they just take it for granted.

But it's a short vn and any critique and opinion I write takes this into consideration. If it was a 30+ hour vn with no additionbal *real* content, it'd be really sub par. For a 8-10h (100%) vn it had a lot of appeal to me.

However, 25 USD *is* a lot too much for the game.Last modified on 2018-10-14 at 20:18
#11 by kominara
2018-10-14 at 20:58
#10 Problem is, I don't think that it deals with the incestual taboo in a particularly intelligent, meaningful, or original way; I've seen a ton of other VNs that manage to implement the idea in a far better way. This wouldn't be too bad, but the porn isn't too appealing either. The individual scenes are too short, and I don't think it goes far enough for what's supposed to be a "darker" yuri game. Speaking of Dasaku, I actually get the same feeling from both of these VNs; there was obviously potential for a good story, but it ends up feeling underwhelming due to the low budget and the inexperience of the staff, though I think that Dasaku is better simply based off of the concept and the quality of the porn.
#12 by marantana
2018-10-14 at 21:22
#11 -- you're obviously a seasoned vn reader who already has reached quite some expertise and a state of objectiveness.

Dasaku is out of my reach -- I can't read Japanese at all and also don't understand more than the few spoken words I picked up in the few anime I watched and the vn I read.

ps: The Ichika yandere ending was frightening. Although Tsui Yuri has a flavour different to those cases, being Austrian I had to think of the Kampusch and Fritzl cases.Last modified on 2018-10-14 at 21:25


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