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#1 by marantana
2018-09-10 at 02:07
The first bonus in Richer's route is by far the most beautiful "first time" scene I've seen in any visual novel. It very much fits the slow pace of the main story.

I hope that Rira's route, to be played tomorrow, can get close to this.

What's your thoughts on the Richa boni?Last modified on 2018-09-10 at 02:08
#2 by marantana
2018-09-10 at 20:45
In fact, Rira's route(s) might even be just a tiny bit cuter.
The bonus scenes are far too similar to Richer's, excluding the positions in the event CG's for my taste.

Which one did you like more?
#3 by feedophile
2019-03-11 at 22:55
lol the routes were way too short for me....
#4 by erohatasensei
2019-03-11 at 23:58
The game is great and looks so soothing but its damn short. Thankfully theres a second game already out in Japan :)
#5 by namiultedjapan
2019-03-12 at 05:00
Too bad the creators decided to be faggots and make it separate from the story itself.
#6 by failures
2019-03-12 at 09:25
Any chance the sequel would get picked up..?
#7 by kei-tr
2019-03-12 at 20:37
Quick question to who have read this vn: Is osananajimi tag correctly used? Because Rira and Richer seems to be childhood friend of each other rather than protagonist (that's what character descriptions says).Last modified on 2019-03-12 at 20:37
#8 by adamstan
2019-03-13 at 06:10
It kind-of is, but it's not typical childhood friend situation. (Spoiler):
Rira met the protag when they were children and he was visiting his grandma - she's the little girl from his flashbacks

So more of a "reunion after years".

And I agree that it would be nice to have second part translated too. It's not exactly a sequel - more like a second half, with routes for Ciel and Koron.

...but still no Chisato's route :(Last modified on 2019-03-13 at 06:17
#9 by failures
2019-03-13 at 09:11
I kind of want a Nana route. I found her really cute, and not just based on her looks.


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