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#1 by damnsygn
2018-09-14 at 03:07
Can I ask how can something described as VN?
is RPGMaker or Unity Simulation game is not acceptable?
as I know MGQ Paradox and Eushully are included in the database.
That looks similar.

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#2 by beliar
2018-09-14 at 19:28
The two games you had added are definitely not acceptable. I have tried them and they are in no shape or form visual novels.

What constitutes a visual novel is hashed out in our FAQ d2, and even though there is some wiggle room within our rules, the two games clearly didn't fit within them. They didn't even have narration, which is a must for hybrid games with gameplay.

Eushully games are allowed, because the gameplay and the novel parts are sufficiently separated, with the novel parts having consistent narration and fitting all the other qualifications to be a VN. MGQ Paradox is here, because there is no brave person who would remove them and face the backlash, as I agree that they are probably not visual novels.

Now, when you argue for a game's inclusion in the DB, never compare it to some other "similar" game, like you just did, as it's more likely we will remove all the mentioned games, rather than add the one game you wanted to include.

In shorthand, the clearest way to tell if a game is a VN or not, take a side look at what you are doing: are you reading a novel interrupted with some gameplay, or are you playing a game interrupted with some text. The former is a visual novel, the latter is not.
#3 by damnsygn
2018-09-15 at 06:37
Thank you for your kind reply.
I just wondering what kind of prerequisites that is not involved in the FAQ as some is has leeway and some is not.
because there is alot of games that is I want to people to known.Last modified on 2018-09-15 at 06:38
#4 by beliar
2018-09-15 at 17:13
If you are unsure if the game belongs in the DB or not, you should run it by the mods first. You can use this thread t7442 to post about the game and we will check it out and decide if it belongs here or not.


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