Why Shirogane falls short

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#1 by clephas
2018-09-14 at 19:46
I'm not saying this is a bad game... in fact, it is actually a decent read. However, there are several glaring flaws that irritate and infuriate once it's over.

The biggest one is the introduction of so many female characters that aren't heroines but are actually more interesting than most of the heroines. The Akatsuki and Reisen girls in particular are ones I would have liked to see paths for... it was lazy to only have the heroines be from the protagonist's school.

The second part is the endings... I constantly complain about endings for a reason. When you are dealing with drama, it doesn't make much sense to do 'one week later' endings/epilogues, and it is unbelievably unsatisfying. While it is obvious that they intended to give this game an FD originally, I guess sales weren't enough to justify it.
#2 by krykry
2018-09-14 at 20:01
Actually Giga doesn't really do FDs. None of the Kiss series got an FD, same for the "series" Shirogane X Spirits is part of (Harvest Overray, Ren'ai Phase and so on).

Baldr series is a whole different monster, it appears to be made by a completely different team.Last modified on 2018-09-14 at 20:01
#3 by kiru
2018-09-14 at 21:12
It's a common mistake to believe, likable side-character would still remain the same as actual main heroines. Almost always this isn't the case. Be happy if you have a likeable side-cast. It's worth a lot.


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