Stop using the import cast button without a source

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#1 by shinnew
2018-09-16 at 09:23
You are constantly adding wrong voice credits by using that button without checking if it's correct.

- A character being voiced by one VA in a VN doesn't mean that this character is always voiced by that VA in all VNs he appears in.
- Or if it's the same VA they might be using a different alias.
- A character might be voiced as a side character in one VN but not as the protagonist of another VN.
- Characters making a cameo appearance in another VN are not always voiced.
- And while it shouldn't need to be said, unvoiced games do not have voice credits.

These are all errors you made at least once. Please have a source before importing casts because you are frequently adding wrong credits.

Also please stop trying to make the same wrong edits after they have been reverted like you did here, here, here and here. If one of your edits is reverted there is usually a reason for it and you should look at the history before making the exact same edit three times.


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