Best trap VN ever i played

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#1 by testerjkljkgh
2018-09-18 at 18:04
the part when hibiki showing armpit is so damn hoot !!

when she say "waki manko", "do u want slide u'r cock to my armpit pussy ?" duhhh mind blowing man !!!

hibiki best trap waifu ever
#2 by bobjr2000
2018-09-18 at 23:43
personally I like Sakae from no strike. Mostly because he is only adult cross dresser that isn't a futa but isn't suppose to be a teen either.

Sexy adult transvestite that don't look like teen boys who didn't hit puberty yet.
#3 by droidcat39
2019-04-15 at 22:45
The armpit Fetish was my trigger, i love almost any kind of heroine and i´m ok with a lot of kinks, but man that "waki manko" was the best!
This VN has a vast repertory of themes according to each character.
It´s just like Meguru says: "Once you learn to feel pleasure for the trap-pussy, you will never be the same again"


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