Anyone read this?

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#1 by canpenbook
2018-09-23 at 13:16
Anyone read this and think it was any good?

Is the NTR involving Shinji only in a bad ending?
#2 by canpenbook
2018-10-18 at 23:19
#3 by volt79
2018-10-21 at 13:52
huh, i dont actually remember any ntr. been a long time since i read it but i dont remember the ntr. mustve played a very small part of the vn.Last modified on 2018-10-21 at 13:52
#4 by canpenbook
2018-10-21 at 17:17
#3 Here is the link from the cg: link

Are their like routes for each heroine?
#5 by volt79
2018-10-25 at 18:51
i think only the mother doesnt have a route. as far as i can remember, there wasnt any ntr and there is a harem ending. not sure what exactly you wanted to show me in that but i didnt see anything that suggested ntr.
#6 by canpenbook
2018-10-25 at 21:12
Here's a link with the CGs I'm talking about: link
#7 by canpenbook
2018-11-04 at 22:06
#8 by volt79
2018-12-11 at 08:31
sorry, forgot about this for a bit. yeah, i think at this point theyre not really in a relationship and shes kind of doing it mostly against her will.
#9 by canpenbook
2018-12-11 at 22:54
Oh so its on a different route from hers?
#10 by volt79
2018-12-20 at 09:01
mm, details are a bit fuzzy but i believe so. happens on another route later in.
#11 by izalith
2019-03-25 at 19:51
Hello sir,

The sister doesn't get NTR'd, she gets rescued at the end by big bro
As far as I know, Shinji will always do the deed with Saori, even in "her" route. That might be "NTR" depending on your tastes.


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